Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Baby & Me

I've noticed that each week Kiley has a new "security blanket."  Sometimes it's her puppy, Violet or her bear, LuLu and most of the time it's Suzy, her baby doll.  This week Suzy was the "it" toy.  She went everywhere Kiley went.  From the minute she wakes up she is looking for her Suzy.  We went shopping this week in RoundRock and of course there was Suzy along side Kiley riding in the stroller.

Earlier this week we went to go see Wednesday and her 2 sweet boys, Krush and Kyson and Suzy came along for the playdate as well. 

Kiley & Krush! As you can see, Kiley has Suzy and Krush was enjoying playing with LuLu.  Surprisingly, Kiley shared her LuLu, but she just couldn't part with her baby.

The two love birds!

A video of Kiley & Krush in action! I must admit that me and Wednesday encourage them to do this!

Saturday,  Jason, Kiley and I went to Austin in the morning.  Jason needed some new running shoes.  Suzy came too and got carried around the whole store.  On a side note, this a picture of Kiley on the ride back home from Austin.  She was sooo sleepy and I was doing everything I could think of to keep her awake so that when we got home she would nap in her crib.  It took a lot of persistance, but it ended up paying off because she stayed awake for the ride and took a 3 hour nap in her crib instead.

No matter what or how much stuff Kiley is holding you could bet that Suzy was going to be with her this week.  At one point this week she was holding Suzy, her milk bottle, and her bunny.  It's so cute to see her acting like a little Mommy, brushing Suzy's hair with what once was her baby brush and giving her kisses and hugs.  She just absolutely loves that doll! Wonder what will be the new "it" toy this week?

Gig'em & God Bless!

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