Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's my birthday!

So I am really behind on typing a post.  Summer 2012 has been super jammed pack with lots of fun for Kiley and many changes.  One of which is that our little baby girl is definitely on the road to becoming a big girl toddler!

So loves telling us that it is her birthday. She will tell all of us, "Mommy, it's MY birthday!" and she even has the song down. Very cute! Love her to death and how silly she is and can be.  She loves making everyone laugh and having fun in the water.

Her favorite place has to be the lake.  I have said this before, but she really is most happy when she is at the lake.  Everything there and around her is hers.  "That's MY boat! That's MY jacket!" Everyday is spent laughing at something funny Kiley has done or has said.  Love her so much! The rest of the blog I'm going to follow up with pictures and try to catch every one up on all the fun we have been having!

Kiley went bowling for the first time and absolutely loved it! She can do better than Mommy, bowling a 51!

Kiley loves to be in charge and drive her boat! She turns the wheel back and forth really quickly.  Kind of scary so if you see Kiley on the lake driving the boat just pull over to the side.  : )

After swimming lessons Kiley has gotten really comfortable with the water.  She loves getting into the water to swim and jumping off the back of the boat.  Our fearless little water baby!

A little messy, but Kiley loves spaghetti and lasagna.  She did eat it but she wore a lot of it too!

I love this photo! We just finished putting her swim suit on and Nanna asked her, "Where's the boat?" She quickly answers with her hands out like that and says, "In the water!" Good response baby. 

Last night I was giving Kiley bear a bath and she looked at me and said, "Mommy, take a picture of my booty!" haha So I took a picture.  She said, "Okay, let me see." When she saw it she covered her mouth and shrieked with excitement saying, "My botty!!!"

A distant picture but this past weekend Jason and I went with friends to South Padre.  Had lots of fun with great company! Meanwhile Kiley stayed with Nanna and Pops and they went to the lake.  

While we were at the beach Kiley decides to climb into Zoe's house and sit in there to play.  Wish I had known that this way how to control her.  Just kidding by the way!  Like I said before she is so silly and loves to laugh and make every one else laugh. 

Acting silly after going on the potty! She has been making great progress and has it down during the day.  Just at night I put a diaper on her.  So Mommy is happy that Kiley is doing so well.  I never doubted that she wouldn't!

Until next time, Gig'em & God Bless!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


So lately Kiley has been dealing with Mommy separation anxiety.  She always has done good sleeping.  Saying her prayers, telling everyone night night and then climbing into her big girl bed and going to sleep.  Now it is everything, but being a good girl.  She avoids giving hugs and kisses because she knows that she will have to go to bed.  I tried letting her cry it out, but she gets out of her bed and lately has been falling asleep on the floor.  Totally confused about what to do, I started reading some suggestions on the web.

The web suggested that we start getting her ready for bed one hour before her bed time.  I had been doing this I just take my time with her bath and make sure all her toys are up before bath time.  Then we never talk about night night or sleeping anymore so that she won't have anxiety about being alone.  We read three books in her bed and when those are done she starts getting this worried look on her face.  It makes me feel so bad for her.  I don't see how she could be scared.  The room hasn't changed and I have the t.v. on playing music so that brings light into the room.  Anyways, tonight I sat in her room next to the door and told her it would be okay and to close her eyes.  15 minutes later she was sleeping in her bed with no tears.  They say if you do this and little by little stay a shorter amount of time and finally just don't stay at all that it is easier for them.  The reason why I say Mommy separation anxiety is because if I'm not giving her attention, if I leave the room, if Daddy takes her to lunch without me, etc. she is freaking out! Hysterically crying and continually repeating Mommy!!! Don't get me wrong I enjoy her being Mommy's girl, but sometimes it can be a little too much.  Mommy needs her time too ; )  So I'm hoping the sleeping will only get better from here.  Wish me luck! I made need it!
She will sleep in the car....

She will sleep in the boat...
but not in her bed?!?

We have also been doing potty training.  Last night she went in her potty on her own! I was so excited and happy for her.  She is becoming such an independent, smart little girl and I was so proud of her! Hopefully, it wasn't a one time deal and she will continue to cooperate.  At daycare she goes in her little Dora underwear and most of the time comes home without any accidents, which Mommy and Daddy think is awesome (not only for her but no money spent on expensive diapers).  Now, when she gets home though accidents are happening left and right but I am hoping that after last night we have reached the peak of the mountain and it's only going to get better from there!

We have been going to the lake pretty much every weekend and swimming in our pool.  We definitely have a water baby! Even though she only took 2 weeks of swimming lessons it really has built up her confidence in the water.  Swimming and jumping into the water and having a blast on her playset is what we do during the week and then the weekends we go to the lake.  We are loving the summer for sure!
Miss Boss making sure everything is okay!

Putting her face in the water. 

I can hear her now, "Okay, 1, 2, 3, GOOOO!!!" I love this photo!

She just started making this face this past weekend.  She says "ARGHHH" while she is doing it.  
She sounds like a pirate. 

Until next time, Gig'em & God Bless!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Water Time!

These past couple of weeks we have been living in water.  Kiley loves to go swimming and really anything that has to do with water.  Like I have said before the minute Kiley gets to the lake she is the perfect little angel that never acts up.  Don't want to say it too often or Mommy might be pushing her luck.

Two weekends ago Jason's Aunt Bitsy and Uncle Lynn came and stayed with us at the lake.  We had so much fun and were so glad they made it out again this year! Kiley really enjoys their company as do we! They gave Kiley a bear purse for her birthday while they were there and now she has been inseparable with it ever since! We named the bear Mary and she has to sleep with her in her bed every night.

Kiley loves to get cards.  She calls them a book.  This is the one she got from her Uncle Lynn and Aunt Bitsy. 

Last weekend we spent our time at home enjoying the pool.  Wednesday, our friend, brought her cute boys over Saturday for a playdate.  I told Kiley that morning that they were coming to play and she couldn't stop saying "Where Krush?" "Where Kyson?" She was so excited to hear that they were coming and when she heard she was getting in the water she said, "Mommy, where my suit?"  I love hearing her talk.  It's amazing to me how much this little girl knows in what seems like such a short amount of time to learn! The kids had a blast.  They played in the water, ate hot dogs, and played on the play set.  Afterwards Kiley went down for a nap and boy was she tired.  I figured she would sleep good, mostly because before Wednesday and the boys left it looked like she was fixing to fall asleep in the chair she was sitting in outside. :) She had a bad case of sleepy eyes.  Poor baby!  Later that afternoon Bethany (best friend), Abel (her husband) and their little baby boy, Mason came over and swam and ate supper with us.  Kiley was somewhat curious about the baby and couldn't figure out why he would be crying at times.  Mason went swimming in the pool for the first time that night.  It was great to watch him and see how relaxed he got while in the water.  It reminded me of when Kiley was a baby and we would take her in my Mom's pool.  She always loved it and she always seemed so relaxed and calm.  She would go right to sleep after we would get in the pool.  Loved those days, but definitely enjoying these times too.  She is getting so brave in the water.  She will jump off the side of the pool and when we were at the lake she was jumping off the back of the boat.  Needless to say I'm a proud Mommy!
4th of July morning playing on her playset or like she says, "MY Slide!"

Krush and Kiley having a conversation! They are like an old married couple...

Some funny quotes Kiley said this week:
* Mommy asked Kiley, "What does a cow say?" Kiley responds, "Ummmm, COOOOW?"
*Again Mommy asked Kiley, "What does a cow say?" Kiley responds, "MEOW!"
              Looks like getting down what a cow says is going to be difficult.
*Mommy showed Kiley a picture of when Kiley was a baby with Santa.  Mommy asked Kiley, "There's Kiley and who is that with her?" She looks at the photo.  Thinks about it and responds, "ELMO!!!"
             Mommy couldn't stop laughing about that answer.  Love her so much, silly girl!
* Earlier this week she asked Daddy where Zoe was.  He told her she was outside and could open the door and to call her to tell her to come back inside.  So she ran to the door opened it up and yelled, "Zoe!" Zoe comes running up she told her, "Zoe, no bark! Okay? Go inside!" Zoe went inside and she came in after her closing the door.  I couldn't stop laughing, she looked just like me out there, which makes me realize she is listening even when I think that she isn't!

Sunday it was just Kiley and Mommy.  So, before it rained we went in the pool for a couple of hours, then danced and played on the playset.  This picture is of her busting some moves!

She was letting her sock monkey, Bo ride piggy back! She kept saying, "Okay, Bo, Ready? 1,2,3, Go!" Then she would run as fast as she could. 

Heading to the lake early tomorrow for a long weekend.  Until next time, Gig'em & God Bless!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


I wanted to include a picture of Kiley taking her swimming lessons.  She did such a great job and has become really comfortable in the water.  Especially now that our pool is finally swimmable.  No, I didn't say done (rolling eyes about that) but at least we are able to use the pool now. With the summer days getting so hot now, the pool has become the perfect way for us to have fun, cool off, and play! Kiley loves jumping to Mommy and Daddy and seeing us blow bubbles.  She hasn't gotten that down yet, but it's mainly because she doesn't like to get her face wet.  Just like her Mommy! Every time we go under the water she has to quickly swim to the side and wipe off her face with a towel.  Most of the time the first words out of her mouth is, "Step! Towel!."

She loves sitting in the beach entry and use her arms and kick her legs to act like she is swimming.  She does nothing but smile when we are in the water.  

Love this picture! The other day I got her the floaties she is wearing now.  That way when she jumps off the steps into the pool part I don't have to worry about her and know that she will be okay.  She looks happy in the picture wearing them but the first time I tried putting those on her she had such a fit! She didn't understand why I was putting those on her arms! She put up a struggle but I finally managed to put them on her.  She tried to take them off but instead I picked her up and put her in the main body of the pool so she could see what they do.  Once we got comfortable with them she loved them! Did I mention that she is one of the most stubborn babies I have ever met? Got to be a trait from her Daddy! Now when we go in the pool she puts her arms out and lets me put them on her.  At least it's not a constant battle now!

 Our for the most part done pool! 11 weeks and counting...We are so ready for it to be officially done!

She put Nanna's hat on and thought she was the cutest thing ever! I love that sweet smile!

 Last Friday we left for the lake.  Absolutely Kiley's favorite place to be.  Mommy was ready to go too.  That week the daycare had been closed all week so Mommy and Kiley had some bonding time.  A LOT of bonding time.  I love my sweet little girl, but she is 2 years old and sometimes she would have her 2 year old fits! So by the end of the week I couldn't wait to go to the lake and relax.  Also, that's where Kiley is on her best behavior.  Did I mention the ride there though was terrible! 2 hours, a dozen doughnut holes, and lots of whining later, we finally get there! Kiley was suddenly all excited once she saw the water and the house, but I was even more excited because I had such a headache from all the complaining and Mommy's and was ready to get out of the truck ASAP! Love her to pieces, but I'm pretty sure she said MOOOOMY! over 100 times!

Still trying to get her to actually wear her sunglasses.  One day she will do it but for now they are just fun for her to put on and off.  I even try saying, "look, just like Mommy!" She just says, "Noooo.  I do it!" and then proceeds to take them off! 

Acting silly again.  I know I say this a lot, but she is always so full of life, acting silly and saying the funniest things! Here she told me, "Mommy, Picture!" 

We also took her on the jet ski for the first time.  Our house is situated inside a cove area where it is nice and smooth so Jason drove her around there.  She was not a big fan of it though.  She kept crying, "Mommy!" over and over.  After a while that stopped, but I didn't ever see a smile while she was on there. Once she got off she was herself again and said, "Daddy's Boat."  I'd ask her if she went on there, and her new answer which is so cute is, "Ummm Hmmm!" while she shakes her head yes.  

Going to the lake was so much fun and definitely a great way for us to end the weekend.  As predicted Kiley was on her best behavior and Mommy got a little break, which was good for both of us! 

Another surprise Kiley got on Tuesday was a playset.  Gigi bought it for her for her 2nd birthday! She absolutely loved it! What 2 year old wouldn't! When I brought her home from daycare we, Nanna and I told her that she had a surprise outside.  We took her out there and once she saw it she said, "Ohhh WOOOW!" This is the new thing that Kiley likes to say now.  Everything is oh wow! She ran up to the set right away and told us that the swing was hers and the slide was hers.  "My Swing!" "My Slide!" 

Playing in her playset with her Suzy.  Suzy went down the slide like Kiley she can climb up the steps like Kiley.  Suzy does everything with Kiley! 

I was just talking to Jason last night about how quickly our Kiley is growing up and she is our little girl now not a baby.  She loves to play and entertain herself.  She can swing in a big girl seat, loves to talk on the phone and take pictures of herself, and recently telling us full blown conversations.  She uses her hands and tells us about what the doggies are doing, what her friends at daycare did, if she had fun, where everybody is, the list goes on! She is becoming very expressive which is hilarious to listen too.  Some of it I understand and other words I'm totally lost on what she is talking about, but I just agree with her and she just keeps on talking! The other night I saw her telling Zoe (our dog) something.  It was a lot of information and I'm not sure that Zoe got it all :) LOL I did hear her tell her though that she was a good girl and that she loved her or as she says, "I Love!"

Going to the lake again this weekend! Jason's Aunt and Uncle, Bitsy and Lynn are coming as well.  Looking forward to the trip and another great time at the lake!

Until next time, Gig'em & God Bless!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where Are You?

As noted in the last blog, we went to Alex's graduation party.  Kiley loves her "Aunt" Alex and was constantly asking me, "Where Alex go?"  The minute she would spot her she would run over there wanting her to pick her up!

Kiley had a blast at Alex's graduation.  After the ceremony she was running around on the field picking up confetti.  If she had her way she would be out there all night.  She is definitely like her Mommy, always making sure everything is in its place and clean.  Our little picker upper!

The next day after graduation night we went to the lake.  I would say watermelon is one of her absolute favorite foods.  She also kept making sure that Nanna and Mommy had plenty of watermelon.  The minute one of our bowls was empty she would say, "oh, Mommy more?" Before I could answer she was putting another piece in my bowl.  Finally I had to hide the watermelon because I was so full!

Laughing with her Daddy! She loves being outside.  As long as she is at the lake and able to play when she wants to and ride in the boat she is a happy baby!

Every time we go to the lake she has to make sure that her purse goes with her every where.  It even got to the point to where she thought she needed her purse for the boat and to go night night.  That didn't happen though, Mommy had to draw the line.  She also loves riding the banana boat.  We told her to do no hands and say, "Giddy up!"

In this picture she is going on hour 4 of nap time! She has started a ritual whenever she goes night night or takes a nap.  She has to make sure that she gives every one a hug and kiss and when I say every one I'm also including the doggies.  When she knows it's time for bed she says, "Where Zoe?" "Zoe hug, Zoe kiss." One thing for sure she loves her doggies!

Lately her personality is really starting to shine.  Our little chatterbox always has something to say.  She wakes up talking and she goes to sleep talking.  There have even been nights where we have to remind her that it's time to go night night and no more play.  Apparently she has a lot to say to her baby dolls!

She loves to play and act silly.  One of the things she has started this week is having me put a towel or blanket on top of her head.  She will say, "Mommy, head!"  The minute the towel has covered her she says, "Kileeeey, where are you?" She will walk around the house with the towel over her, bumping into furniture and walls and laughing so hard.  I love to watch her when she acts silly.  She is always so full of life!

Last week Kiley started swimming lessons.  She is doing so good and Mommy and Daddy are so proud of her! Last week she learned to move her arms and legs and by the end of the week the instructor was only using one hand to keep her up! And today the instructor completely let her go and she swam to me about 2 feet! I was so excited for her! She loves to be in the water and continually wants to practice swimming.  She likes to show us how she moves her arms like scoops and kick her legs to make bubbles. 

On another note, we went to the doctor last week for Kiley's 2 year well check.  She weighed 28 pounds and was 32 1/2" long.  She was in the 60 percentile for weight and 15 percentile for height.  Looks like she is going to be short like Mommy.  Sorry Baby!

Until next time, Gig'em & God Bless!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

10 Things We Love About You

These past couple of weeks have flown by for us! In between Mother's Day, the lake, Alex's graduation party and just having fun around the house with Kiley, I have lost track of this blog! To get back on track and catch everyone up on the past 3 weeks I want to do 10 things we all love and know about our Kiley! So here it goes...

#1: Kiley's smile and the cute way she drags out CHEEEESE when she is taking a picture! And Suzy is always in tow with us no matter where we go, along with Suzy's baba.

#2: Most of the time she's a Mommy's girl, which I happen to love.  By the way these Mother's Day pictures took alot work to get her to stop playing for a minute! She is always smiling for the camera, but to stop playing now that's another issue!

#3: She absolutely love love loves CHEESE and pretty much any other food! Eventhough she is only 2 I think she eats more than her Mommy, who is not going to disclose her age at this time.

 #4: She loves to be outside and is always involved.  Here we are at JoJo's softball game and the whole time she was watching and cheering the team on! Our little team motivator!

#5: One of her favorite things and one of mine to watch is her getting so excited about the lake and the boat! She loves the WaWa and is always the happiest when she is riding on the boat! If she is playing in the house and we tell her we are going to go ride on the boat she immediately drops everything and runs for the door! She is always ready to go on the water in her BOOOOAT!

#6: She loves to play with her friends, especially Krush & Kyson.  They are always so sweet to eachother.  Kiley always has something to say and I can just hear her now saying COOOOOWS! She couldn't wait to get over there and feed the cows grass.

 #7: Some of the time I must admit she can be a Daddy's girl.  No matter what Kiley is always loving.  Giving kisses, hugs, and saying I love and sometimes screaming it!

#8: I love to watch how excited she gets when I tell her we are going for a ride after supper.  She starts jumping and running for the door.  She is always ready to be outside and riding on her favorite toy, her tricycle! But Suzy, LuLu, her baba, and Suzy's baba must always be with her!

#9: Kiley is always trying to be a helper, everything she sees me do she says, "I help!" So now she is always helping me with folding laundry.  She bundles it up real tight into a ball and plops it down on the pile of folded laundry.  Always makes me smile to see her folding skills!

#10: You can always count on our Kiley Bear to have a smile on her face, acting silly, and most importantly, being the best daughter Mommy & Daddy could ask for!

Playing Peek-A-Boo in the tub!

On Saturday we had Alex's (my cousin) HS graduation party.  I have pictures from that, but will do a separate post. Until then, Gig'em & God Bless!