Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's my birthday!

So I am really behind on typing a post.  Summer 2012 has been super jammed pack with lots of fun for Kiley and many changes.  One of which is that our little baby girl is definitely on the road to becoming a big girl toddler!

So loves telling us that it is her birthday. She will tell all of us, "Mommy, it's MY birthday!" and she even has the song down. Very cute! Love her to death and how silly she is and can be.  She loves making everyone laugh and having fun in the water.

Her favorite place has to be the lake.  I have said this before, but she really is most happy when she is at the lake.  Everything there and around her is hers.  "That's MY boat! That's MY jacket!" Everyday is spent laughing at something funny Kiley has done or has said.  Love her so much! The rest of the blog I'm going to follow up with pictures and try to catch every one up on all the fun we have been having!

Kiley went bowling for the first time and absolutely loved it! She can do better than Mommy, bowling a 51!

Kiley loves to be in charge and drive her boat! She turns the wheel back and forth really quickly.  Kind of scary so if you see Kiley on the lake driving the boat just pull over to the side.  : )

After swimming lessons Kiley has gotten really comfortable with the water.  She loves getting into the water to swim and jumping off the back of the boat.  Our fearless little water baby!

A little messy, but Kiley loves spaghetti and lasagna.  She did eat it but she wore a lot of it too!

I love this photo! We just finished putting her swim suit on and Nanna asked her, "Where's the boat?" She quickly answers with her hands out like that and says, "In the water!" Good response baby. 

Last night I was giving Kiley bear a bath and she looked at me and said, "Mommy, take a picture of my booty!" haha So I took a picture.  She said, "Okay, let me see." When she saw it she covered her mouth and shrieked with excitement saying, "My botty!!!"

A distant picture but this past weekend Jason and I went with friends to South Padre.  Had lots of fun with great company! Meanwhile Kiley stayed with Nanna and Pops and they went to the lake.  

While we were at the beach Kiley decides to climb into Zoe's house and sit in there to play.  Wish I had known that this way how to control her.  Just kidding by the way!  Like I said before she is so silly and loves to laugh and make every one else laugh. 

Acting silly after going on the potty! She has been making great progress and has it down during the day.  Just at night I put a diaper on her.  So Mommy is happy that Kiley is doing so well.  I never doubted that she wouldn't!

Until next time, Gig'em & God Bless!!

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