Sunday, January 22, 2012


Again, I am slacking with these posts.  The past two weeks have been pretty eventful for us.  Lets start with the doctor appointment.  After waiting for 1.5 hours - we finally got to see the doctor.  I took Kiley in because she was having this really bad cough and a runny nose.  Anyways, it took her a while to warm up to the doctor, but before he left she gave him a high five.  The news about the dr? Well, she weighs 25 pounds which I found out puts her in the 40 percentile for weight.  She's itty bitty! They didn't check height this go round but I'm interested in knowing what that will be.

Playing after her bath with Daddy's shoes.  She kept trying them on and tried to walk in them a couple of times, but they were too big!

Kiley always wants to help now - no matter where she goes she has to help! So, our little helper was walking Zoe around at the lake.  She had a blast and loves her little pal, Zoe!

Playing peek-a-boo! She's almost always smiling - not all the time, we all have our bad days.  But, for the most part Kiley is always happy and smiling!

Last weekend, Jason, Kiley, my parents and I went to the lake.  No swimming this go round of course, but just went to go check on the house and get away.  Kiley was so excited when she saw the lake for the first time - she pointed at the water and looked at me with big eyes and lots of excitement and said "WaWa!", "Yea!"  Needless to say, she loves it there!

On the 17th Jason had his 27th birthday.  I baked him a cake and we celebrated that night.  Kiley loves birthdays because that means she gets to eat cake! I gave her her own piece and let her dig in as she pleased.  She enjoyed every bit of it!

Kiley eating Dada's Birthday cake!

....and enjoying every bit of it! Especailly the icing!

I love this picture.  While I was cooking (I know me cook?) anyways, she wanted to put her baby, Daisy in her chair and feed her her bottle just like she does every morning.  Such a loving little Mommy!

Yesterday, Saturday, we went to Mark and Danielle Jones' wedding.  Kiley looked so cute! She had her hair to the side and a new dress on. Oh! and her dancing shoes - black and patent leather.  The minute we got there she was ready to get her groove on and fill her belly full of treats.  We immediately had to go get a snack - she is constantly snacking, and if you couldn't tell already, likes to eat anything and everything all the time.  In between snacking and eating supper, Kiley showed us some of her dancing moves and was really getting into the music! It was so cute and she was having so much fun! Great entertainment for us too! She stopped dancing long enough to get some food in her belly and more cake, of course! Overall, we had a great time and I know that Kiley had a blast!
Until next time, Gig'em & God Bless!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

More Christmas Pictures.

I know it's been a while since I've written a post and now I have finally found time to upload the Christmas pictures that wouldn't upload on the last post. 

Kiley at Nana & Papa's on Christmas day.  She absolutely loves deers and dogs.  She was showing us where the deer's nose and eyes are. 

Here she is dancing with her new dog that Aunt Pat, Uncle A and the kids gave her.  She loves this dog.  It looks like Zoe and it sings the Justin Beiber song, "Baby."  She sings and dances along with, constantly singing, "Baaaby, Baaaby." So sweet and cute!

 This week we ate with Uncle A, Aunt Pat and the kids.  After Kiley got done eating she went to everyone's lap and had a blast running around and playing with everyone's phone.  When she runs she screams "Ahhhh!" which is exactly what she was doing at Los Patrones.  Now, I've got to manage to get her doing this on video.  It's definitely something to remember.
Kiley sitting on Jordan's lap saying "Cheese!"

Friday Kiley and I went to Reba's because Dada was working late.  This was the first time that she decided to take her purse with her.  She wouldn't go anywhere that night unless she had that purse.  What was in it? A cell phone (fake of course), lipstick (plastic of course), a comb, a pen, debit card and a coin purse.  She was set to go out but too bad the debit card wasn't real or she could have paid!

We took this New Year's Eve before we took the tree down.  I wanted to make sure that I got a picture of her by the tree in her special Christmas outfit! Isn't she a doll? Love her so much!

Hope everyone had a great New Year's and until next time, Gig'em & God Bless!