Monday, May 28, 2012

10 Things We Love About You

These past couple of weeks have flown by for us! In between Mother's Day, the lake, Alex's graduation party and just having fun around the house with Kiley, I have lost track of this blog! To get back on track and catch everyone up on the past 3 weeks I want to do 10 things we all love and know about our Kiley! So here it goes...

#1: Kiley's smile and the cute way she drags out CHEEEESE when she is taking a picture! And Suzy is always in tow with us no matter where we go, along with Suzy's baba.

#2: Most of the time she's a Mommy's girl, which I happen to love.  By the way these Mother's Day pictures took alot work to get her to stop playing for a minute! She is always smiling for the camera, but to stop playing now that's another issue!

#3: She absolutely love love loves CHEESE and pretty much any other food! Eventhough she is only 2 I think she eats more than her Mommy, who is not going to disclose her age at this time.

 #4: She loves to be outside and is always involved.  Here we are at JoJo's softball game and the whole time she was watching and cheering the team on! Our little team motivator!

#5: One of her favorite things and one of mine to watch is her getting so excited about the lake and the boat! She loves the WaWa and is always the happiest when she is riding on the boat! If she is playing in the house and we tell her we are going to go ride on the boat she immediately drops everything and runs for the door! She is always ready to go on the water in her BOOOOAT!

#6: She loves to play with her friends, especially Krush & Kyson.  They are always so sweet to eachother.  Kiley always has something to say and I can just hear her now saying COOOOOWS! She couldn't wait to get over there and feed the cows grass.

 #7: Some of the time I must admit she can be a Daddy's girl.  No matter what Kiley is always loving.  Giving kisses, hugs, and saying I love and sometimes screaming it!

#8: I love to watch how excited she gets when I tell her we are going for a ride after supper.  She starts jumping and running for the door.  She is always ready to be outside and riding on her favorite toy, her tricycle! But Suzy, LuLu, her baba, and Suzy's baba must always be with her!

#9: Kiley is always trying to be a helper, everything she sees me do she says, "I help!" So now she is always helping me with folding laundry.  She bundles it up real tight into a ball and plops it down on the pile of folded laundry.  Always makes me smile to see her folding skills!

#10: You can always count on our Kiley Bear to have a smile on her face, acting silly, and most importantly, being the best daughter Mommy & Daddy could ask for!

Playing Peek-A-Boo in the tub!

On Saturday we had Alex's (my cousin) HS graduation party.  I have pictures from that, but will do a separate post. Until then, Gig'em & God Bless!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Kiley

Dear Sweet Kiley,

On May 8, 2010 at 10:54 p.m. Mommy and Daddy's eyes met yours for the first time.  The joy and love we felt at that moment is hard to describe and will never change. Our love for you is never ending and is like no other.  You are our life and have brought so much joy into our lives these past 2 years.  I look forward to seeing what a beautiful and witty daughter you will become because you already are the best daughter a Mommy could ask for.  God truly blessed us with a miracle when he gave us you.

They talk about Mommy instincts, but you really don't believe them nor understand that until you have a baby.  I wasn't too sure about how to be a Mommy, but I do know that you made it easy for me.  A sweet baby that slept a lot of hours during the night.  This picture was taken when you were only a few minutes old, but it is a picture that captures you perfectly.  Always paying attention and so very curious.  Always learning new things and definitely not afraid - more so a dare devil.  These past 2 years you have grown and learned soooo much! Everyday you are always so happy! It really has been great for Mommy and Daddy to see all the love that you share with everyone, each and every day.  You can say about half of your abc's (not all in order, but that's still good), you know your name and say it so cute (kitey), you love to take pictures and play with your babies, especially Suzy, and you love to clean - always making sure everything is in its place and driving your dada crazy when you tell him to put his shoes up.  You can be quite demanding at times, but in the end you are always there to give everyone a hug and kiss and tell them "I love!" 

Always know that Mommy and Daddy are there for you.  When you have a boo boo we will be there to kiss it, when you want something to eat or drink just ask, but use those manners we have been teaching you! and most importantly when you need a hug we will be there to give you a b-i-g bear hug and many many kisses! Mommy and Daddy would do just about anything to put a beautiful smile on our baby's face! 

A beautiful, loving, smart, and precious daughter you are and always will be!
Happy 2nd Birthday Kiley!

Love You Bunches,
Mommy and Daddy

Monday, May 7, 2012

Kiley's birthday weekend

Well, it's official! Our little girl is going to have a birthday tomorrow.  The big 2.  Can't believe that it has been 2 years since our precious baby first met our eyes and my heart melted. Our life has never been the same, I know we would be lost without her.

We have been on the go again.  It's lake season (yay!) and Kiley loves going to see the wawa! and boats! The past two weekends that is where we have been spending our time.  Everytime we load up in the boat she tells me that she needs her jacket and her hat. : ) She wants them on right away! I'm glad she likes wearing her jacket it is so much easier than if I had to fight her everytime we go out on the water.  When Daddy wakeboards she is so concerned that he is in the water.  Everytime he would fall she says, "oh no dada!" and then when we go to pick him up she asks always ask him, "dada, okay?"  She is such a sweetheart. 
 Mommy! BOAT! She gets so excited when she sees a boat go by on the wawa!
 Concerned about her dada being in the wawa.  Asking him, Dada, Okay?  She is so sweet.
Taking control of the boat and driving us around.  At least that is what she thinks she is doing :)

At daycare, Kiley got moved to her new classroom for 2 year olds.  The great news is now everytime she goes to daycare she goes on the potty with no wet diapers.  The bad news is that when I bring her home she wants nothing to do with that potty.  I'm trying to stay consistent with her at home, but what is Mommy suppose to do when she doesn't even sit on the potty?

I also finished Kiley's bedroom, which is now a room for a toddler instead of a baby.  Like Kiley says, "no baby!" If you ask her if she is a big girl she says, "yes!" I worked on her new room for 4 days, but when she saw her new room she was so excited that I didn't even care how long it took!  She said "OH PRETTY!" and gave me hugs and kisses, like I said all that work was worth it to see her beautiful smile. The first night she slept in her toddler bed I was pretty nervous.  If you know Kiley she is a handful and loves to run everywhere.  Laying down in a bed that she can climb out of had me pretty nervous.  To my surprise and glee she slept the whole night in her big girl bed.  She was so excited to go to sleep and has been doing really well with it. 

For Kiley's birthday we did a fun filled birthday weekend.  Friday was Sea World.  She loves animals so this was just the place to take her and I was so excited for her.  They had Elmo there and that is Kiley's favorite! Everything Elmo is a must! She saw Elmo and friends perform and dance, played in the water park area, rode the carousel and saw the dolphins, Shamu, and the fish aquarium.  She loved all of it! Before we even left the parking lot she was sleeping, another successful trip! We drove from Sea World to the lake another one of Kiley's favorite places to be.  She thinks she owns the boat.  Telling Pops and Dada where to drive the boat and sometimes trying to drive the boat all by herself! On Sunday, we went to A&M to watch the baseball game against Tech.  My cousin, Trey was pictching that day so we went to watch him.  Kiley had a blast again although it was very HOT! She got to eat cotton candy and decided she wanted to try my soda at the game.  I gave her a tiny sip and the look on her face was priceless! She spit it out and it looked like she had just sucked on a lemon! Good thing though because she doesn't need to drink soda.  Once the sun came out for good, I put a cap on Kiley and she looked at me and said, "I cute!"  She cheered when everyone else did and did a whole lot of running around!  Once we got home she couldn't have been more ready for bed!

 Cheering Trey on at the Texas A&M game against Texas Tech.  Trey pitched and they won!
I can just hear her in this picture saying "CHEEEESE!"  She would run to the top of the hill say cheese and let me take a picture, then run down to me and say "Okay!"  She is such a silly girl.

Tomorrow is Kiley's birthday! We are having a small get together with cake and gifts.  Until next week, Gig'em & God Bless!