Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Kiley

Dear Sweet Kiley,

On May 8, 2010 at 10:54 p.m. Mommy and Daddy's eyes met yours for the first time.  The joy and love we felt at that moment is hard to describe and will never change. Our love for you is never ending and is like no other.  You are our life and have brought so much joy into our lives these past 2 years.  I look forward to seeing what a beautiful and witty daughter you will become because you already are the best daughter a Mommy could ask for.  God truly blessed us with a miracle when he gave us you.

They talk about Mommy instincts, but you really don't believe them nor understand that until you have a baby.  I wasn't too sure about how to be a Mommy, but I do know that you made it easy for me.  A sweet baby that slept a lot of hours during the night.  This picture was taken when you were only a few minutes old, but it is a picture that captures you perfectly.  Always paying attention and so very curious.  Always learning new things and definitely not afraid - more so a dare devil.  These past 2 years you have grown and learned soooo much! Everyday you are always so happy! It really has been great for Mommy and Daddy to see all the love that you share with everyone, each and every day.  You can say about half of your abc's (not all in order, but that's still good), you know your name and say it so cute (kitey), you love to take pictures and play with your babies, especially Suzy, and you love to clean - always making sure everything is in its place and driving your dada crazy when you tell him to put his shoes up.  You can be quite demanding at times, but in the end you are always there to give everyone a hug and kiss and tell them "I love!" 

Always know that Mommy and Daddy are there for you.  When you have a boo boo we will be there to kiss it, when you want something to eat or drink just ask, but use those manners we have been teaching you! and most importantly when you need a hug we will be there to give you a b-i-g bear hug and many many kisses! Mommy and Daddy would do just about anything to put a beautiful smile on our baby's face! 

A beautiful, loving, smart, and precious daughter you are and always will be!
Happy 2nd Birthday Kiley!

Love You Bunches,
Mommy and Daddy

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