Sunday, July 29, 2012


So lately Kiley has been dealing with Mommy separation anxiety.  She always has done good sleeping.  Saying her prayers, telling everyone night night and then climbing into her big girl bed and going to sleep.  Now it is everything, but being a good girl.  She avoids giving hugs and kisses because she knows that she will have to go to bed.  I tried letting her cry it out, but she gets out of her bed and lately has been falling asleep on the floor.  Totally confused about what to do, I started reading some suggestions on the web.

The web suggested that we start getting her ready for bed one hour before her bed time.  I had been doing this I just take my time with her bath and make sure all her toys are up before bath time.  Then we never talk about night night or sleeping anymore so that she won't have anxiety about being alone.  We read three books in her bed and when those are done she starts getting this worried look on her face.  It makes me feel so bad for her.  I don't see how she could be scared.  The room hasn't changed and I have the t.v. on playing music so that brings light into the room.  Anyways, tonight I sat in her room next to the door and told her it would be okay and to close her eyes.  15 minutes later she was sleeping in her bed with no tears.  They say if you do this and little by little stay a shorter amount of time and finally just don't stay at all that it is easier for them.  The reason why I say Mommy separation anxiety is because if I'm not giving her attention, if I leave the room, if Daddy takes her to lunch without me, etc. she is freaking out! Hysterically crying and continually repeating Mommy!!! Don't get me wrong I enjoy her being Mommy's girl, but sometimes it can be a little too much.  Mommy needs her time too ; )  So I'm hoping the sleeping will only get better from here.  Wish me luck! I made need it!
She will sleep in the car....

She will sleep in the boat...
but not in her bed?!?

We have also been doing potty training.  Last night she went in her potty on her own! I was so excited and happy for her.  She is becoming such an independent, smart little girl and I was so proud of her! Hopefully, it wasn't a one time deal and she will continue to cooperate.  At daycare she goes in her little Dora underwear and most of the time comes home without any accidents, which Mommy and Daddy think is awesome (not only for her but no money spent on expensive diapers).  Now, when she gets home though accidents are happening left and right but I am hoping that after last night we have reached the peak of the mountain and it's only going to get better from there!

We have been going to the lake pretty much every weekend and swimming in our pool.  We definitely have a water baby! Even though she only took 2 weeks of swimming lessons it really has built up her confidence in the water.  Swimming and jumping into the water and having a blast on her playset is what we do during the week and then the weekends we go to the lake.  We are loving the summer for sure!
Miss Boss making sure everything is okay!

Putting her face in the water. 

I can hear her now, "Okay, 1, 2, 3, GOOOO!!!" I love this photo!

She just started making this face this past weekend.  She says "ARGHHH" while she is doing it.  
She sounds like a pirate. 

Until next time, Gig'em & God Bless!

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