Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Visiting with Nana & Papa

We try to visit with the grandparents as often as we can. 

A couple of weeks ago we went to go see my grandparents, Nana and Papa.  They love her so much and their faces just light up when they see her! She is very fortunate to have so many great grandparents to love on her!

Everytime we go to visit she has to see the pictures on the refrigerator.  They are pictures of all the grandkids and Kiley can point out everybody.  She gives everyone kisses and if she had her way she would probably stare at that refrigerator the whole time we are there!

She also eats a ton when we go over there! Lots of homemade kolaches, sugar cookies, banana pudding, and lunch.  Somehow she still finds room to drink her milk bottles, but you should see her belly when we leave! It looks like it is ready to pop!

Kiley loves to dance.  Everytime she hears music she starts dancing and acting silly.  While we were at my grandparents, my Nana put the radio on and she was having a blast dancing and clapping along with the music.  Luckily, I got some pictures of her having the time of her life!

Once we were ready to go she gave them a big hug making sure to give them a love pat on the back and a kiss.  They have a special "thing" that they have always done since she was old enough to learn how to do it, maybe 5 months old.  Anyways, they bump heads.  It's so cute and she always makes sure to do it with them! With Suzy in hand, Kiley walked out the door and threw one hand up in the air yelling "BYE" as loud as she could.  I just love when she does that.  It's so matter of fact and one of the cutest things she says right now.

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