Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mommy Kiley & Suzy

Well as the week progressed Suzy was still Kiley's number one choice.  She is such a sweet and loving mommy. If Kiley was taking a nap then it was time for Suzy to nap too.  We go outside to play, here comes Suzy! I tell Kiley that we are going bye-bye, but wait! We need Suzy first then it's a-ok to go!

I have lost count how many times Suzy has had to take a quick bath (washing machine) this week.  Quick meaning, I distract Miss Kiley with food and quickly throw Suzy in the washer so that she smells fresh, but it has to be done quickly so that she doesn't realize Suzy isn't around and no crying is involved. 

Did I mention that she is head over heels, 100% attached to her baby! The other day she was playing with Suzy in her room.  I went to go check on them and she had put pearls around her neck. I guess she thought that Suzy was a little underdressed for their play date.

This was taken Tuesday, 10-4.  She just woke up from her nap and we were playing outside waiting on Nanna & Pops to show up.  She insisted that she hold her bottle, Suzy, and LuLu. 

Knock Knock Zoe!! Zoe was playing in the backyard and Kiley kept knocking on the fence and yelling "Zoe!" Besides Suzy, Zoe is her second favorite buddy! They have always connected and taken care of each other since day one!

On October 5, Kiley woke up from her nap and her and Dada went outside to play in the sand box.  That day I realized I have three children; Zoe, Kiley, and Daddy.

I love this photo! Caught Kiley playing with Suzy! She was pushing her all around the house on her pony and she had her dressed up for the occasion - pearl necklace again! She was laughing and talking the whole time.  Sometimes I wish I knew what and the world she was talking about!

Watching Aunt JoJo playing softball at Texas State! She had a blast and in this photo she looks so grown up.  Suzy came to the game, too, of course! When we got home from the game I ordered Kiley a softball Texas State shirt...don't want Jordan to get her feelings hurt that she was wearing A&M!

Eating her cereal with baby Suzy.
See Kiley's a good Mommy! She makes sure that her baby eats too! She always shares her food, either with Zoe & Sonni or baby Suzy.

Friday, October 7, we went to the lake and when we first got there she went into her room and got out her blankie.  Next thing I know she is wrapping Suzy up in the blanket and rocking/dancing with her.  I thought it was the cutest thing, but how in the world did she know to wrap that baby up in a blanket? I've never shown her and she doesn't sleep with a blanket - just a naturally loving Momma I guess!

Gig'em & God Bless!

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