Sunday, October 2, 2011

Some Missed Times

The other day I was trying to upload these photos and it was just not cooperating. 
So, I decided to hold off and try again later.  Now, it has decided to work! The previous weekend we headed up to the lake again.  Kiley loves to look at magazines and books.  Here she is looking at a Fischer-Price magazine with all kinds of toys in it.  She told me she was making a list for Santa.  She definitely loved the dancing dog so she put that at the top of her list.  She was shrieking with such excitement when she saw that toy! It's fascinating to watch her play.  When she is looking at these books and magazines she is pointing and talking like she is reading them. I've gotta say though everything she does is fascinating to Mommy, she can do no wrong! Well, most of the time.

I decided to give wakeboarding a try that weekend.  Don't want to brag or anything, but I got up on the first try! Hopefully, that means I'm a natural!

Ready to go! Move over Pops, Kiley's driving the boat now!

This Saturday, Jason, Kiley and I went to Austin for the morning.  For lunch we stopped at Five Guys Burger & Fries.  I have never been there before and it was awesome.  Anyways, Jason and Kiley were sharing fries and Jason was dipping the fries into his ketchup.  Miss Observer was watching what Dada was doing and decided that she wanted to dip her fries in the ketchup too.  Well, the clean freak within me was trying to control the situation and not freak out that she might get ketchup all over herself.  It went surprisingly well though, to my relief! This picture is of Kiley having her fries and ketchup at Nanna & Pops' house tonight.  This time she could get as messy as she wanted to because Mommy took her shirt off.  I forgot to mention that she sucks the ketchup off the fries instead of biting it off.  So cute!

Until next week, Gig'em & God Bless!

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