Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Playground Fun!

Two Saturday's ago, I finally got a chance to take Kiley to the playground at the Elementary. 

Once she woke up from her nap, we drove over to Nanna's and asked her if she and Sonni wanted to take a walk over there and play.  I was curious to see how she would react.  The minute she saw where we were going she got so excited. Clapping her hands, kicking her feet, and screaming YEA! Needless to say, once she got use to her surrondings, she couldn't wait to play! She wasn't too sure about the shreaded rubber tire mulch covering the playground instead of sand, and she definitely didn't like it on her hands! Before we knew it, we had been there for an hour and it was time to go back! She didn't want to leave she was having so much fun.  We have gone back a couple of more times, and everytime she gets so excited! She brings so much joy to our lives, watching her be so amazed by the small things.  Love her!

Looking through the window and playing Peek-A-Boo.

Nanna & Kiley having fun and being silly!

I kept trying to get her to crawl through the tunnel, but she wouldn't do it.  The next time we went back she went though the tunnel and down the slide all by herself! She didn't want any help! I promise you she let me know that!

Cleaning off the steps! They had the tire mulch on them and Kiley didn't think they were suppose to be there! Did I mention that Kiley is a neat freak? Wonder who she gets that from? ;)

More posts coming after this one! Gig'em & God Bless!

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