Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Particularly in the last week Kiley has been saying a number of new words. 

The pictures that are on this blog are pretty random and have nothing to do with her saying new words, but I wanted to put them on here because they are so cute!

Baby.  I still need to get a video of her saying it, because she says baby with a long A so it sounds like "bAAAby!"  She will be in her car seat holding her baby and sweetly repeating "bAAby, bAAby, bAAby." Everytime I try to record her saying it she becomes curious about the video camera and runs to see what I'm looking at.  Guess Mommy is going to have to start getting creative!  She also has begun covering her bAAAby with a blankie, patting her back, and saying "Shhh." Such a good little Mommy! :)

Mine.  The other day we were sitting outside eating yogurt and she dropped her baby, Suzy.  I picked Suzy up and kept saying "Mine." Now, that baby is hers.  She goes whereever Kiley goes.  Sharing Suzy is not something Kiley is willing to do. So, when she saw me holding Suzy and saying mine, she ran as fast as she could to me took Suzy and said, "Mine!" About time we got that word down..

Playing outside and cheesing for the camera!

More.  Sunday, we planned to have Bethany and Abel over for supper.  Jason was grilling hamburgers on the grill, which were yummy by the way.  As I was putting pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. on a plate Kiley came to my side and was begging for a pickle.  She loves pickles whether they are sour or sweet! She doesn't care, she just can't get enough! Everytime she would grunt "UH" for another pickle I told her, "say more." Eventually, after maybe the 10th pickle, she quietly said "more." Works for me!

"Here is your phone Mommy!"

WaWa.  Jason, Kiley and I went to Hunans.  Everytime we go out to eat for supper she gets tea.  It's like a treat to her and it keeps her happy to have her own tea in her sippy cup.  When we got our drinks I got the sippy out to start pouring the tea.  I asked her if she wanted any tea and in response she shook her head no (sometimes we say that, but not often YET.  Thank goodness).  I said well then what do you want? That's when she said "WaWa!" Talk about shocked! Me and Jason were so proud!

This is isn't so much words, but some actions that we have been doing.  She now uses her fork to feed herself! She eats so pretty, hardly makes any mess at all and if she does she has a napkin in her hand to clean it up! If I ask her, "Is it yummy?"  She will smile so big and shake her head yes as fast as she can! If you ask her how old she is she will put up her pointer finger showing you that she is one! And along with high fiving we can also fist pump!

This is a pillowcase dress that I sewed for Kiley.  I think it turned out pretty good and she got to wear it the other day.  It looks so cute on her, but now I just need to get some pictures of her wearing it! I've got two more to make for her and those are Christmas themed!

Our little girl is growing up fast.  Did I mention that I am just loving every minute that I have with her, especially at this stage! Until next time, Gig'em & God Bless!

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