Saturday, November 27, 2010

Where to Begin?!?

It's been way over a week since I have updated you about Kiley.  I was waiting for Thanksgiving to be over and before I knew's almost Sunday! Life flies when you have a baby!

So, where to begin? Lets start with some positives.  Remember how I had asked you to pray last time for a better week for Kiley and I? Well, apparently he heard you, because it worked! Kiley was such a happy and loving baby last week (November 15-21)!  She took naps (so unlike her still) and she entertained herself in her high chair while we ate lunches and suppers.  She gave Mama a break for a week and for that I am grateful.  What I didn't realize until now was that she was preparing me for this week. 

That weekend (20 & 21) we packed ourselves up and headed to the Riverwalk with my parents and a couple of friends.  By the way, packing for a 6 month old is terribly hard to do! How is it that after I was done I had, a bag for the camera, blankets, and an ice box for food, her diaper bag, her own bag filled with clothes, bottles, and formula, a high chair cover, stroller, and most importantly her car seat.  Then I spent most of the day Friday thinking that I was forgetting something! Finally, I broke down and made a list.  Thank goodness I did because sure enough I thought of more. This was going to be the first time Kiley has stayed away from home and slept in a hotel.  Another first for us was that she was going to be sleeping the same room as Jason and I.  Kiley has always slept in her room from day 1 when she came home.  We knew this was going to be different for ALL 3 of us!

After enjoying the Riverwalk we put Kiley to bed and after crying for about 30 minutes she fell asleep.  The night went perfect and the next day was even better, shopping all day with Mama and Nanna!

Before we knew it, Thursday rolled around and it was Kiley's first Turkey Day! Mama was excited and went on etsy again to get Kiley a turkey dress...the minute I saw it I knew it was going to be hers! So cute and festive.

Bib provided by Aunt Kay! Thanks Kayla she looked so cute in her bib.
Playing with her toys and entertaining herself for the most part at NaNa and PaPa's house during Thanksgiving preparations.

I thought this photo was so cute because she got to sit with the big girls! : )

Kiley's NaNa sitting outside with her. They look so sweet!! We love you NaNa!!

So when I said that Kiley was being a good girl last week so I would be prepared for this week, I was talking about what happened after Thanksgiving.  The poor baby of mine got sick! No fever, but as of tonight she has lost her voice and is sooo tired.  Now I understand when Mother's say that they wish they could be sick and not their child.  That's all I kept wishing for yesterday.  She couldn't keep anything down, couldn't sleep well, and was so congested that her voice was disappearing.  The only funny part, she liked to hear her scratchy voice and kept trying to babble...

Mama bundled Miss Kiley up while we decorated for Christmas outside yesterday.

I put her to bed last night with the plan that we were going to College Station today to take some pictures of Kiley on campus.  That is if she was feeling okay.  Well we are happier today, but the voice part - totally gone! The best part? We got awesome pictures of Kiley (eventhough she didn't feel the best, she is such a trooper) and she took a 2 1/2 hour nap this afternoon (some much needed rest)!

Underneath the Century Oak at A&M.  Mama walked by this tree for 2 years and never put it together that this was the famous tree where everyone proposes! I must have been in la-la land again..

Future Class of 2032! Whoop!
Now, Mama is working on making Kiley feel better - she has a handy dandy humidifer set up in her room and Vicks baby rub on her chest.  Keep your fingers crossed! but I think it will only get better from here. Looking forward to next week when Kiley gets her picture taken with Santa, but until then, Gig Em' and God Bless!

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