Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Pictures!

This is from a couple of weeks ago already, but she just looks so darn cute in that Barbie Jeep!

This is the first time Kiley sat in a high chair! Mommy and Kiley's lunches/suppers were a lot more pleasant from this day forward.  Kiley was so much happier because she wasn't in that darn car seat that she hates so much and she can see everybody from this height!

 Kiley sitting up in her play pen at the office.  We are actually happy to be in there for once! and Mommy got some work done!
Kiley tonight eating at the restaurant with Nanna and Pops! I thought she looked like a cutie in that hat so, I had to get a picture!!


  1. I got caught up on the blog and I LOVE all the pictures!! You need to frame that picture of her in the jeep next to a picture of her in her first real car one day!!!

  2. I love reading the Blogs...definitely some funny stuff!! I cant believe how much she has grown since Halloween! Hope to see you guys soon!!