Sunday, November 14, 2010


TGIS..Thank God It's Sunday!! I'm thinking about whether or not I should recap this week or not, just because it was beyond tiring for Kiley and I!

I love when people ask me, "She must never cry, is she always this happy?" My answer? Well first I want to laugh because Kiley definitely cries.  She may not be crying then, because she knows how to put on a show, but believe me when I say that Kiley cries...

So, the only positive I have of this week is that it is over...YEA! And that Kiley is now sitting up on her will come soon.  Mommy is happy and sad about this new development.  It just means that she is getting bigger, but I should be happy because she is making progress.  We can sit up on our own, but no rolling over or holding the bottle - did I mention that Kiley is a pretty lazy baby? 

As I have previously written we got shots on Wednesday, Thursday we had a fever and was cranky most of the day (but who can blame her), Friday Nanna, Kiley and I went to Austin to get some things for the office and we were good that day. Now the night was a different story.  Kiley was fussy until she finally got her bottle and went to bed.  Thank goodness for early bed times! Saturday was different for Kiley.  My Papa had a 80th birthday party.  She wasn't really use to being around such a crowd in one house.  We refused to sleep due to the fact that we might miss something! and therefore, we were again fussy (Mommy too) until we got our bottle again and went to bed (that night she went to bed early AGAIN).  Mommy will always love Kiley, but sometimes she sees her a little too long and Kiley goes to bed early!  Sunday, started going down hill from the middle of church and forward.  We slept a total of 1 hour today! (sarcasm)  And tonight when we put her to bed she screamed/cried for about 30 minutes until she finally gave in...Please Help!

Basically, the whole week was spent fighting sleep..what am I to do? I'm trying to teach her about nap times and putting herself to sleep, but she thinks she is going to miss out on something! Too bad Mommy can't take the nap for her! Oh well, wish me luck/pray for a better week starting tomorrow!

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