Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What a day!?!

I wasn't going to type anymore today, but after the day Kiley and I had I couldn't resist.  It started off great! I was actually productive this morning and Kiley slept till 8:30 like she always does.  When it comes time to wake her up though...I go to her crib and she has a HUGE red spot on the left side of her cheek! I'm thinking "oh no, now what does she have? another rash? again?"  Turns out that I didn't have to worry about taking her to the doctor today because she was already going for her 6 month shots.  Yes, I said shots! YUCK!  After we are all dressed, Kiley eats her carrots in between all the yums and the babbling.  I load her up and go to Nanna's to try to figure out just what it is that Kiley has on her cute little face.  Our conclusion? We had no idea!

Fast forward to 2:15 and we are at Kiley's doctor.  Kiley makes her grand entrance sleeping...Once I strip her down though we are awake and come to find out my little baby isn't so little anymore, 16.7 pounds and 25 1/2" later.  We see the doctor and get all our wonderful shots (sarcasm by the way) and go out the door to yet another drive where Kiley falls asleep.  Long day possibly? And the HUGE red spot? Just dry skin from this crazy wonderful Texas weather.  Good thing Mama stopped to get some moisturizing lotion because it is already looking 10X better.

Now, fast forward to the present.  Kiley is sleeping, Zoe (the doggie) is sleeping after drinking way too much pool water at Nanna's house and getting sick once again from it, and Sonni (the other/older doggie) is probably sleeping after accidently falling in the pool and did I mention that he can't swim to well?  It was just a crazy whirlwind of a day. I know that I'm pretty happy that it is over and praying that the next day will be less adventurous!

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