Monday, December 6, 2010

Let's go visit HoHo!

This last week went by in a flash!  There was so much to do and hardly anytime for it! Let me begin, by telling you that Kiley is now feeling better.  We still have somewhat of a stuffy nose, but the voice is back.  This could be a good thing or a bad thing.  Good, because of course it means that my little baby is feeling better.  Bad, because it means that she can scream really loud again in public! especially in church! Last time we screamed in church everyone turned around and gave me the "Control your child" stare.  I don't understand this.  Am I suppose to reason with her? She's 6 months old people?!?  Anyways, back to Miss Kiley. 

Last Monday went fabulous by the way! Kiley was a wonderful baby and such a joy.  Mama got all her work done for that day because Kiley played and entertained herself.  It was great and we decorated Nanna's yard for Christmas.  Kiley loves being outdoors and I think she was quite entertained by what we were doing and she was really interested in a little box that Nanna gave her to play with.  How is it that anything that isn't a toy, Kiley loves it?  People go out and buy all these toys for their childern (us included) and then their favorite toys are paper, a napkin, a box, or even a water bottle!

So, the worst part of the week?  Definitely going to have to be that Kiley is now getting a tooth! Mama is not happy about this at all! This just means that my baby is not going to be a little baby for too much longer.  We did hurry up and rush into Wal-Mart that night to get Baby Orajel because the last thing I want is for her to feel pain.  The tooth is really starting to come out now..Dada likes to stick his finger in her mouth and feel around all the time to see if another tooth suddenly appears or how much the first tooth has progressed.  Me? I just try to forget that it is even there!

Friday was also a big day for Kiley and I.  She went to daycare for the first time!  We decided that Kiley would go to daycare once a week.  This way she would be able to play with childern her age and I would get some much needed work done.  So, on her first day I was extremely nervous and well Kiley? She was acting like she knew something was different about that day.  I took her to the room where the other children her age were and sat her down on the playing mat.  Did she care that I left? Heck no! She started playing right away! and when I told her Bye Bye? She just looked up for a split second and smiled.  Kind of like, "See ya Mom!" No big deal for her, broke my heart! I couldn't wait to pick her up! but they said that she had a blast! and well as for me and getting work done? I wasn't as productive as I had hoped...doesn't it always seem to work out that way?

Last, but not least, Sunday! We went to go visit HoHo, as Jason likes to call him, at the public library! Bethany Behrens, a good friend of mine and a photographer of KB Photography, set up the event to have Santa come and take pictures.  I was a little bit nervous about this one.  Kiley does great with most people she is unfamiliar with.  I like to call her a social butterfly, but Santa could be a different story.  I mean he looks WAY different from most people.  When it was our turn for pictures, Jason sat Kiley on Santa's lap and I thought from the look on her face she was about to burst in tears! Poor thing! But, instead of crying she turns and just stares at Santa...eventually, deciding to pull on that beard of his.  Finally, once she got comfortable with him she looks at the camera and smiles! PERFECT!  Pictures to be posted later once Beth gets them to me...Now, next year? That should be interesting.  I'm placing my bets on no smile just tears! LOL

Afterwards, Jason had his firefighter gear at the house so, we decided to take pictures of Kiley in them.  Last time we did this she was 4 weeks old.  She could fit in his helmet! Not anymore.  This time we had to be more creative!

Those are just a few of my favorites! I just love this one where she is in Dada's pants.  She was actually having fun "hanging" out in them!

Well here's to another week and another month birthday for Kiley! It's seems as if every week with my baby just gets better and better! She is such a blast!  Gig'em and God Bless!!

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