Thursday, December 30, 2010

What a Year!

The year is almost over, but for us 2010 brought us a miracle from above and many many joys and memories.  Kiley is our little angel and I know my PaPa is her guardian angel.  I've been thinking about him lately and especially with the holidays you can't help but miss his presence.

For Christmas, we were surrounded with love from friends and family.  Yes, it was tiring, and I am relieved that it is over, but it really was a great experience getting to see what Kiley sees for the first time.  The excitement she feels when she just sees a present.  To quote Kiley, "AHHH." We don't even care about the toy, just the beautiful paper and bows! Such a simple thing that can bring such a beautiful smile to our daughter!

Every month is something new, all her firsts are passing by, but we can always cherish the memories.  Thank you God for such a wonderful year and I know what you have in store for us in 2011 will be even better! Everything I do now is better, because Kiley is here to share it with us!

I've uploaded a ton of pictures so this is a long one, but I couldn't just choose a few when this is Miss Kiley's first Christmas! Besides she decided to go all out everyday and wear her special Christmas clothes.  She said that you better take notice of them!   I also figured it would be easier to tell about our Christmas days with pictures.

December 23, 2010
Santa decided to show up early this year for Kiley's first Christmas.  I figured he had to be overloaded this year and knowing that Kiley would still be a good girl for one more day, he gave her the presents ahead of time!

Kiley was dressed up and ready for Santa's presents!

Everything Santa gave Kiley for Christmas! Wow you must have been a VERY good girl!! To quote my Dad/Pops, "That Santa!"

December 24, 2010
Kiley got up super early for Christmas Eve, she had to take her first family pictures with Mama and Dada for Christmas.  Ok, so this was pretty tricky to say the least.  We had the camera on timer and when Dada was standing at the camera setting the timer Kiley would smile SO big! But, the minute he runs over by our sides she would get distracted.  20 tries later (ok maybe a little exaggeration) we get the photo! YEA! Notice how Dada is holding her now...that's because I set the timer and ran over there and then she decided to actually smile. Not exactly looking at the camera, but who cares!

Mama loves this photo! She is in her special Christmas dress at her Nana and Papa's! Makes you want to squeeze those cheeks doesn't it?

 December 25, 2010
Dada worked this day for the Bryan Fire Department.  So, Mama had Christmas at the house with Nanna, Pops, and Gigi and later that evening we went to go see Dada.  Before we left to go see Dada, I prayed she would sleep and that once we got there he wouldn't get called out.  Lucky for us, she slept on the way there and all the way home and no call what so ever while visiting Dada!  Eventhough Jason had to work that day, he got to see his baby girl and that I was happy about and I'm pretty sure they both enjoyed it as well.  Kiley can be a Daddy's girl sometimes...especially when he has been gone all day. 

 December 26, 2010
Christmas at Nanna and Pops' house! We played, made steaks on the pit, and took family pictures.  Enjoyed every minute of it! Always do!

Don't blow this picture up! LOL We have the infamous runny nose problem and Mama didn't know!

I had to end with this last picture! Just goes to show that yes, Kiley does have an attitude...just like her Daddy! 

Thank you to everyone for the presents! We enjoyed every minute spent with our little one during Christmas.  We hope that your Christmas was filled with as much joy as ours! God Bless, Gig em', & Happy New Year!

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