Monday, December 13, 2010

Over the Hump..

It's hard for me to believe that Kiley is 7 months old. I think I go through this every month when it's her "birthday." It just amazes me how time seems to fly by with an infant. I always have this feeling that I'm going to miss something. I am with her pretty much ALL day yet, I feel like she is slipping away from me, she just keeps growing like a little weed everyday. In the mornings I look forward to seeing her smiling face, full of giggles, and soooo ticklish! Why does that have to stop? But for now our little baby girl is only 7 months old, she's "over the hump" of being half way to one and all I can do now is take many many pictures (800 or so at this point) and take many many videos and most importantly cherish every moment of her innocent life. We've changed many diapers at this point, washed a lot of clothes, and gone through a whole heck of a lot of formula! Everything she does now is a memory for me and I want to make sure that we (Dada and I) don't miss a thing.

On a happier note! I got this crazy idea to do something different for Kiley's pictures this month. Before Kiley was born I began to decorate her room and somehow or another the theme of giraffes was created. Her stuffed toys are giraffes, blankets have giraffes on them, you get the picture. Well, when Jason and I went to St. Joseph to check out the rooms we stopped by the gift shop as well. What was the first thing that caught our eye? A huge giraffe almost as tall as me! We knew we had to get it, but wanted to wait until Kiley was born. Fast forward to May 9, Kiley was here and Pops (my dad) walks in with Jeffrey a.k.a. the huge giraffe! We were ecstatic and come to find out Kiley has a thing for giraffes too. Seems like everytime we go somewhere where there might be a stuffed giraffe or a picture of one it catches her attention and she squeals with delight! So, back to my point of this long drawn out story, Jeffrey went on an excursion to our front yard this week to take pictures with Miss Kiley! It went great! Kind of embarrassing for me (even though it was my idea, I prayed no one I knew would drive by), but definitely fun and memorable!

If you look closely you can see her little tooth coming (by the way that's her second tooth coming in now).

Kiley is going to have her first Christmas experience this weekend at Mommo's (Jason's grandma Siegmund's house).  Should be an interesting experience for her...but until then, Gig'em & God Bless!

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  1. The giraffe pictures are ADORABLE! I love her hat!! -Kristen