Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kiley's Been a Good Girl...

Well, Christmas began for Kiley last week starting with Saturday.  We spent the evening at Jason's Mommo's opening presents and spending time with family.  Kiley received lots of gifts, we were thankful for all of them, but Kiley especially liked the bows and wrapping paper that came along with the gifts.  I think I have previously mentioned that the best toys are the simple and cheap ones that are not suppose to be toys at all.  Kiley enjoyed all the younger cousins there.  They played with her and she had a lot of playmates.  Mommy and Daddy got a little break from entertaining which is always a plus! The part Kiley didn't like? Santa.  He showed up with toys in bag and when it was Kiley's turn to sit on his lap, she got upset pretty quickly! Daddy saved the day and just held her instead. We did receive the pictures of Kiley sitting on Santa's lap curtosey of KB Photography, but I still haven't gotten a chance to scan them into the computer.  Promise I will put them up!

On Monday, Kiley's friend came over for a visit and to open up their gifts that they gave each other.  Kanzie is 2 weeks younger than Kiley and they had a blast playing with their toys on the floor.  It was so cute to see them putting everything in their mouths, pulling on each others socks (yes, socks), and chewing on spoons! LOL We (the parents) had a blast watching them and catching up on what the girls were doing new these days.  Once they opened up their gifts, the girls were tired and Kanzie, Ricky, and Kara headed home.  But, not before the girls gave each other kisses and hugs! I included pictures..the first one is of Kiley opening one of her gifts from Kanzie and the second one is of Kanzie opening her gift from Kiley.  Such cuties!

After all the Christmas action Kiley was pooped! So tired in fact we fell asleep drinking our bottle...

Fortunately for us, Kiley is now feeling a lot better than she did last week.  Darn allergies.  Mommy couldn't be more relieved that she will be happy and feeling great for the festivities!  More Christmas stories and pictures to come! Until then, Merry Christmas, God Bless & Gig'em!!

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