Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baby See, Baby Do

Everyday Kiley makes me a proud Mommy.  She is learning so much so quickly and it just blows my mind how much she knows!

This week I asked Kiley, "Where are your eyes? Nose? Tongue?" She got all of them right! Mind you she thinks that her nose is her lips, but in my book it counts!! She is such an entertainer and I just adore watching her do the things that she does.  Especially this week.

Nanna, Kiley and I went shopping Thursday in Austin.  She slept during the ride up there, during which I always re-fall in love with her - she looks like the perfect little angel during that time! Once we got to the mall she did great! Well, for the most part...Nanna and I have figured out that it's best to plan a shopping trip after Kiley's afternoon nap because she has more tolerance for the stroller and we can actually relax and have some fun looking at everything.  We don't feel rushed and Kiley seems to have more fun! A win-win situation!  Once we looked around and tried on everything we got hungry and Kiley was ready for some of her favorite food - french fries! So, like I said baby see, baby do.  Well, that was exactly what Kiley was doing at the restaurant! We were covering our mouths while laughing and the next thing we see is Kiley doing the same thing! She kept doing it and you could tell that she was so proud of herself! Such a cutie patottie!

We spent the rest of the weekend at the lake, soaking in the rays and Kiley playing with her beach toys at the sand bar.  I'm thinking that the lake is by far one of Kiley's favorite places.  Everytime we drive up and she sees the house she starts clapping! Even if we leave for groceries, when we come back she is clapping, glad to be back home! This week when we got to the house, I got her out of her car seat and she immediately walked over to her life jacket, pointed at it, and screamed "THAT!" She wanted that life jacket on now, because she knew that meant she was going on the boat.  She's got it all figured out!

I thought this was such a funny picture.  This is how Kiley puts chapstick on!

Playing with Zoe's house.

Kiley's cute little wrinkled toes.

Jason wakeboarding and doing some tricks.  Did he land it? You will have to ask him!

Sitting and relaxing after eating lunch.

Labor day weekend coming up next week, but until then Gig'em & God Bless!!

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