Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Our little one is 15 months old now and definitely very independent and well, stubborn.  I wish I could say that she gets the stubborn qualities from her Dada, but I have to admit she gets them from BOTH of us.  Turning 15 months also means that she had an appointment for the doctor again.  She is starting to catch on to what is going to happen when she visits the doctor and it definitely is not a good thing! She got 3 shots, which she put up a pretty good fight - the stubborn quality again.  She also weighed 22 pounds and was 29" long.  The next day we left for the lake.  Kiley gets so excited everytime we drive up to the lake house.  She starts clapping and cheering, it really is so darn cute! She insists now that everytime we go for a boat ride that she must have her life jacket on before she gets in the boat, which is great for us because she wants to wear it.  That weekend the Masek's came up for the weekend.  We had a blast and Kiley loved being able to spend time with her buddies - Trey, Alex, and Jordan.

 Kiley's dog, Zoe in her house.  Kiley loves that little dog! Kiley struting her stuff in her bathing suit from GiGi.  I absolutely adore this bathing suit on her.  It shows off her old man belly perfectly!

Pops, lets drive this way!
No Pops, over there!

This past week Kiley has made a couple of changes.  We are now officially a chatterbox! What she is saying Mama doesn't have a clue most of the time, but it is nonstop! From the minute she wakes up to the minute she goes to sleep she is talking about something to someone and sometimes even to herself! It's gotten to the point that I can not even have a conversation with anyone because she is screaming (the other change) and talking over me! Funny and hopefully a phase...fingers crossed!

This past weekend we went up to the lake and spent some family time with Jason's Aunt and Uncle, Bitsy and Lynn.  On Saturday we hung out on the lake most of the day soaking up the sun.  We anchored at the Sand Bar, Kiley's favorite spot, and Kiley played with her sand toys and swam in the water.  She is getting so comfortable in the water - enough so that she even stood in the tube and played in there while the adults talked! Sunday afternoon Lynn and Bitsy left, but not without Kiley's sloppy kisses!

Sporting Mommy's sunglasses!

On the ride home from the lake.  She has a a new snack now that she loves - grapes!

Playing in the living room this Monday.  Everytime she is in her toy box the first thing she grabs is her pearls and her purse.  This was also the day that she wouldn't stop screaming! I think I am on the path to having a headache everyday until we grow out of this phase...

Thanks for reading! Until next time, Gig'em & God Bless!!

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