Monday, July 4, 2011

Red, White, and Blue!

This weekend we spent 4th of July at the lake! Kiley had a blast hanging out outside swimming and going boat riding!

To our surprise on Sunday Kiley got out into the lake water and had a blast! It was mostly her idea which is why I think she didn't get upset.  She loves the water, but at first she feels overwhelmed and needs time to get use to it.  This time she was happy to get into the water with Daddy and Mommy and of course she had to be having some type of food so, cheerios were in hand as well!  She did some swimming and the rest of the time sat on the back board of the boat just relaxing.  We were so proud of her!

Saturday, my cousins and aunt and uncle came and spent the day with us on the lake.  It was great to catch up with them and we had lots of fun! Trey and Jordan went tubing and the water was REALLY rough so, they definitely got a ride of a lifetime! Meanwhile, Kiley was sleeping in the boat enjoying the cool breeze and catching up on her much needed nap. 

Sitting in her lake chair while Zoe acts as her fill in vacuum.  Just in case Kiley accidently drops any cheerios, Zoe is right there to clean up!

Kiley got to drive the boat! Anything that has a wheel Kiley loves to be up front trying to steer it.

Trey and Jordan before the tubing ride began.

Trey before he almost lost it!

Kiley sleeping during all the tubing action.

"Kiley, where is your nose?" Right here Mommy! This is one of the things that we learned from the Baby Einstein videos.  We haven't quite gotten where our nose exactly is, but Mommy thinks it is soooo cute!

Posing for the camera.  We love to take pictures.

Jordan and Kiley.  Aunt Jo Jo is Kiley's best buddy! Jordan has been watching her during the summer days and Kiley loves to spend time with her.  I think it's because Jordan is a lot cooler than Mommy and lets her do whatever she wants! She looks like such a big girl sitting there on top of the boat...she is growing up so fast.

The next day my Grandma, Kiley's GiGi came for a visit and Grandma's friend came as well.  Kiley enjoyed showing everyone around and mostly walked, talked, and ate lots of food - as always!

Watching everyone out on the lake while she sits in her lake chair.

Today we went in the swimming pool in the morning where Kiley ate some more food yet again!

Eating cheerios and wearing her 4th of July swimming suit! I think she looks so pretty in red and it's Nanna's favorite color on her.

Before we left the lake Kiley took some 4th of July photos in her special red, white, and blue outfit.  I think she had a ton of fun this weekend! She was definitely tired from all the activities - she slept the 2 hour drive home.

Until next time, Happy 4th of July! Gig'em & God Bless!

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