Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

This past weekend Kiley, my parents and I went to the lake Saturday.  We got up super early and had breakfast in Bastrop and then headed on to Lake LBJ for some fun in the sun.  Kiley is becoming so comfortable with the boat.  She knows that she is suppose to wear her life jacket on the boat and gets so excited when she does see her life jacket because she knows we are going boat riding! She is always waving at all the boats that past and is starting to enjoy getting into the water at the sand bar. When we aren't on the boat she is playing with her toys and the puppies.  Zoe adores Kiley and vice versa.  At the lake Kiley found a strap to one of her chairs and was acting like it was a leash for Zoe.  So I took the strap and attached it to Zoe's harness.  Kiley thought this was hilarious and Zoe, the good natured dog that she is, went along with it.  It was great entertainment for Kiley all weekend and I got a lot of shots and video.  You can tell just how observant Kiley is because everytime she would pick up that leash she would holler at Zoe to do something, which, sadly, sounded just like me!

She loves looking at herself.  When you show Kiley a picture of herself and ask her who that is, she has now started to respond by pointing at herself! It's so cute and Mommy couldn't be more proud!

 Mommy's little cleaner! I have taught her early and well! Jason learned how to wakeboard this past weekend.  He did great and his daughter was so happy for him - constantly cheering/yelling him on and clapping!
The boss is driving the boat! Watch out people here she comes!

So, I finally uploaded the rest of the pictures! I know it took me forever.  I'm running behind on these posts now so, I'm working on last week right now!  Gig'em & God Bless!

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