Thursday, June 9, 2011

And She's Off...

So, it has been a couple of weeks since I have written a post.  Since that time a lot of things of happened for Kiley.  First things first, we are walking now! I think it is the cutest thing I have ever seen her do.  I know last time I wrote a post I said she had taken a couple of steps in Maui.  Shortly after that, she had taken 16 steps and on May 28, while I was in Fredericksburg for Bethany's Bachelorette party I had received several texts from Jason saying that she wouldn't slow down and wanted to walk around everywhere! Of course Mommy missed the big day - I had a feeling that it would happen that way! It's pretty hilarious watching her walk.  She looks like a little chicken or duck.  Instead of putting her arms straight out for balance she bends them towards her stomach like they are her wings.  I started quacking one day while she was walking around and she thought that was the funniest thing - little did she know that I was talking about her! So, now that we have learned that we can walk, we also try to practice our new talent everywhere! And I do mean everywhere.  Don't put her in a shopping cart or carry her around a store - she is Miss Independent now and thinks that she has to show everyone that she can get around on her own.  Another thing we have picked up is taking everyone on what Mommy likes to call, "Kiley Tours."  During the Kiley Tour you must NOT let go of her finger or she has a fit and did I mention that the tours last a really long time and always at the most inconvenient times? But, we all go along with it because if Kiley is happy everyone is happy!

Nanna taking a Kiley Tour!

On May 24 I took Kiley to get her first haircut.  Her hair wasn't extremely long or anything, but it was definitely not even and I wanted to get it shaped up for Beth's wedding.  I was nervous about her staying still, but it turned out that I had nothing to worry about! She did great - the hairdresser gave her a lollipop for a great and clever distraction! Now 3 weeks later her hair has grown so much so quickly!



For Bethany's wedding December flew down again and stayed with us for a week.  We enjoyed our time with her, and no matter how long she stays it always seems to fly by!  On June 2 it was time for Kiley to go back to the doctor for a well check appointment and shots.  I wasn't sure how it would go this time since the last time she got shots she was only 6 months old.  She has definitely changed since then and has a lot more "attitude."  She weighed in at 19lbs, 15oz. and was 28 1/2" long.  I know she's a petite girl! The doctor said that she was in the 25 percentile for both, but had no concern because she is right on track with everything else! He said she was a healthy little one and looked great! She was a good girl and got 3 shots.  Mommy had to try to hold her down, but she only cried for a second and once I picked her up she was over it and back to the smiling little girl I know! Mommy was relieved for that day to be over!

June 4 was Bethany and Abel's wedding.  It went great and looked beautiful! Bethany was a gorgeous bride, of course.  We all had such a fun time and our so happy for them! We love you guys!

I finally remembered to put Kiley's DVD's in my car so, when she gets fussy I could just put a DVD in that would entertain her until we got home.  Well, last week I purchased the dance along Baby Einstein movie and I'm glad I did! Kiley has learned so much from it just from watching it 2 times! She now does Peek-A-Boo by putting her hands on the side of her face - not over her eyes, but the way she does it is cuter anyways! She gets so excited to see those little babies on that movie dancing and doing the things that she can do now! It is so cute to watch her shriek with such excitement! We can now blow kisses, which consists of her putting her hand over her mouth.  We love to throw the ball back and forth and she is starting to expand her vocabulary.

Every day our baby changes and learns something new - it's amazing to watch her! This week also marked Kiley's 13 month birthday..time really does fly! Until next time, Gig' em & God Bless!

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