Saturday, May 21, 2011

Aloha from Maui!

After Kiley's birthday we went on vacation with my parents to Maui, Hawaii.  This was Kiley's first time to fly and Mommy was pretty anxious.  I wanted her to be a good girl.  We were going to be gone for over a week and it took about 3 days to make sure we had everything organized and packed for the getaway.  I know I have said this before, but gosh it is sooo much easier to go somewhere without a baby.  You can not even begin to understand that statement until you are packing for your own child.  It is just crazy to me to think of all of the stuff Kiley needs - clothes, food, milk, diapers, toys, etc., etc., etc...

The flight to Maui is 8 hours and being that this was Kiley's first flight I had no idea how she would feel or react.  Turns out, I had no reason to be worried at all.  Our baby slept 5 of the 8 hours going and 6 of the 8 returning.  Going there she either played with her toys on the floor, slept, watched a movie, or ate and returning we took a red eye so she was tired by then and slept through most of the flight.  We were really proud of her! and all the other passengers were pretty relieved that she was good too and didn't cry once!

Kiley's new favorite bear, LuLu!

Kiley is overall a "go with the flow" happy baby, but in Maui she was such a sweet and joyous baby to be around.  She loved it over there because we spent the majority of the day outside, everyday.  She was not a fan of the ocean however! I think it was the crashing of the waves that was too loud for her.  As long as we stayed away from the water and in the sand she was content, just don't get her too close or she would start crying!  We got her some beach toys while we were there and she loved playing with those in the sand and at the pool.  In fact, Kiley loved the sand so much that Dada has decided to build Kiley a sand box for the backyard - what a sweet Daddy!

The pool where we stayed had a place that was only 6 inches deep and Kiley loved that! She could crawl and walk around all she wanted and still stay cool.  Speaking of walking we did take a few more steps while in Maui - 8 to be exact, but haven't taken any more than that since! We also decided to FINALLY say Mama! Did I say finally? I mean come on, it's about time! Needless to say, that made my vacation perfect! : )

Kiley made a friend at the pool - and Daddy forgot to take her diaper off!

She also learned where her belly button was and decided that she wanted to see everyone elses while we were there too.  At unexpected times she would reach for your shirt and sneak a peek! She loved the fact that we were always eating outside and birds were always in sight for her to look at..everytime we were eating she would spot a bird, point and say, "A Dah!" Music is always playing wherever you go so Kiley put on a lot of dancing performances for us.  She started a new dance where she holds her hands together and moves from side to side while singing.  We like to call it her Hula Dance!

Whether we were shopping, eating, or just plain relaxing on the beach Kiley had a blast! If it were up to me we would still be there, but it's back to reality! We are so blessed that we were able to go on such a wonderful trip with my parents and are already looking forward to heading back again in a couple of years! Eventhough, I know that Kiley won't remember anything about the trip, we took about 400 pictures to try to jog her memory when she's older : ) and took plenty of videos!

This upcoming week is going to be crazy busy - like I said, "back to reality."  Oh to only be staring into the sunset again without a thing to do..until next week though Gig em' & God Bless!

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