Monday, May 2, 2011

Kiley's Par-tay!

With Kiley's first birthday coming up quick, we had a celebration at the house this past weekend with family and friends.  December was able to fly down for the party and it was great being able to visit and catch up with her.  Kiley loves her so much and is always so sweet around her "Aunt Dee."  The party went great and we really enjoyed being able to see everyone that was able to come.  Again, thanks to those who came and for all the wonderful gifts Kiley received! Love yall!  I'll keep it short tonight and summarize with photos!
Photos shot by Bethany Behrens, KB Photography.

Kiley's beautiful cake courtesy of Piece-A-Cake out of Brenham.

Kiley hugging her friend Kanzie.

We love to move chairs around now, we think we are so strong!

Kiley's new toy from Mama and Dada for her birthday.

Kiley playing with McKenzie and Hayden - she just loves kids!

Another toy Mama and Dada bought Kiley for her birthday.  This one she loves, but we wish it was motorized!

Thanking everyone for coming, right before we eat.  Jason put it all on me to make the speech!

Kiley's special cake for her to dig into!

We played more with the cake then ate it - NOTE: this is the only time Mama will let her get this dirty! She is also wearing a garbage bag, which helped a lot!

Time to wash up, outside! There was no way that Kiley was coming anywhere close to going inside until she was all washed off!

All clean and now time to open some presents!

Our little aggie was worn out..

Mother's Day is coming on Sunday, which is also Kiley's birthday.  It should be a very special day for both of us.  Glad to have the party behind us now and to be able to enjoy our little baby's first birthday! Kiley wanted me to tell everyone thank you and she had a blast - she went to sleep right away! So until next time, Gig em' & God Bless!

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