Tuesday, April 26, 2011

All Things Easter

This past weekend went great! We enjoyed spending time with our families and Kiley had a blast learning what Easter was all about. 

Saturday we had our Easter in the backyard before we went to Mommo Siegmund's house.  Jason was working Easter Sunday so, we wanted to make sure that Jason would be a part of Kiley's "easter hunt." I figured that she really wouldn't understand what was going on this year and so, did the easter bunny.  Luckily for us, the easter bunny knew that Jason wasn't going to be home the next morning so he scattered eggs around a small part of the backyard and Kiley crawled to each one to see what was in them.  She got cheerios, dissolve puffs, goldfish, and money! She really liked all the noise that the money made - the bunny must have known she would like that and gave quarters instead of dollar bills.  He's a smart one!

That afternoon we went to Mommo's.  Kiley loved it! There were so many small children there - Jason's 2nd cousins, Kiley's 3rd cousins.  She loved watching them and crawling after them and she especially loved to give Conrad kisses! It was hilarious to watch her and I think that if it was up to her we wouldn't have left at 8:30, but by the time we got home she was ready to go to bed and went to sleep right away.  I don't blame her though, holidays can be tiring!

On Easter, Kiley decided to be the devil at church.  I think it was because Dada wasn't there so, she figured she could act up.  Wrong! Mama put her foot down, well the little that I can because she is still a baby.  I took her outside first, then stood up with her in the back of the church the rest of the time...I was pretty relieved when it was time to go, only because I was a little embarrassed by how she was acting.  Let's pray that it can only go up from here!

Afterwards we went to my Nana and Papa's in Schulenburg with my Mom and Dad and played and played and played some more.  We took Easter pictures outside and then had a wonderful lunch, as always.  Kiley played on the floor with her toys and then we had a snack (yummy in my tummy banana pudding), and then we played some more on the floor and then we had supper.  The little stinker decided that she didn't want to miss out on a thing...so we never took a nap! Surprisingly, she wasn't fussy and entertained herself for most of the day.  The minute we headed home though, she was out!

Playing Peek-a-Boo with Pops.

Kiley, Nana, and Papa - Kiley's Great Grandparents.

I found it!

Nanna and Pops with Miss Kiley.

This Saturday is Kiley's party.  In case you don't know it has been moved to our house.  If you are able to come please bring lawn chairs! We are praying for some nice weather and calmer winds hopefully! Looking forward to visiting with everyone again! So, until then Gig Em' & God Bless!

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