Sunday, April 10, 2011

Less than 1 Month Away..

Friday, we celebrated Kiley's 11 month birthday.  It blows my mind that we are less than one month away from her birthday.  My emotions about this specail occassion are mixed.  I am excited for her, but sad that our little one is growing so quickly.  I am blessed that I get to spend every day with Kiley and watch her grow and see all her firsts, but the days go by so fast it just seems like she is slipping right through our fingers.  Kiley has truly been a blessing to Jason and I.  Who could of thought that such a little baby could make our hearts be filled with so much love for her and one another!

Friday seemed to go by crazy fast again and I was running out of time to take pictures of Kiley.  We all have been battling this wind! and I was trying to think of a place where I could take pictures where we weren't having to deal with what seems like 30 mph gusts.  Well, since I couldn't come up with any ideas and time was clicking away I just took them in front of the house by our newly planted flowers! They actually turned out pretty cute and I was pretty pleased with them! Kiley always takes the best pictures outside because that's where she likes to spend most of her days.  She has also been very interested in picking out rocks from the plant beds and then putting them back where they go.  This entertains her for what seems like hours! I like calling her the "Rock Patrol" when she does this.  It seems like she has a plan for which ones need to be moved and the best place to put them back at! You'll see in these next few pictures she is picking rocks hard at work patroling...

We also went for our first kiddie pool swim this week! At first we were unsure about what we were doing with our clothes on in the water, but we quickly got a hang of it and had a ton of fun! I just love this swimsuit on her.  She looks like Pebbles from the Flintstones! She likes to hang on to a wash cloth whenever she is in the water, you will see it in the pictures.

After our swim we drove over to Nanna's for a girls pizza night.  Afterwards, we played on the floor and Nanna and Sonni (puppy) went outside to water some plants.  I asked Kiley where Nanna was? and she quickly crawled over to the door leading outside.  This is the shot I got of her looking for Nanna and Sonni.

Kiley pointing at Sonni and saying "A Dah!"

On a side note we are also trying to teach Kiley some sign language.  We started with how to sign "more." Now when Kiley is eating and is ready for more food she can sign to us that she is still hungry! It's amazing what these little ones can learn so quickly!

The party is less than 3 weeks away and we are looking forward to it! Just so you know if you have little ones, we will not be providing anything for entertainment so it would be great if they have some toys to play with! Hope everyone can make it out! But until then Gig em' & God Bless!

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