Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our Lil' Sunshine

I know it's been a while since I've written a blog.  I got LASIK a little over a week ago and the computer has been my enemy lately.  Don't worry I can see just fine, but the brightness of the screen blurs my vision still.  I was told that after 3 months everything would become crisp for me, but in the meantime my eyes are healing.  But, enough about me and more about Kiley!

Lately, the weather has been wonderful and when the weather is great our little Kiley is the happiest.  I've been trying to keep us outside most of the time, riding bikes, taking afternoon walks, swinging, and even eating supper outside.  The other evening my Mom and I got back late from Austin.  I decided that Jason, Kiley and I were going to have pizza for supper and I wanted to do it outside because she had been at daycare all day.  We went and picked up Kiley and the pizza and then we finally got home to eat supper with Dada.  We put toys outside for Kiley and took the pizza and drinks outside and just relaxed in the backyard on the grass.  It felt great outside and instead of the "grouchy" and Mama clingy Kiley I get after a full day of daycare we had a smiling little ray of sunshine sitting with us.  We were laughing so hard at her.  She didn't know what to do with her legs on that grass! She kept one leg up off of the ground the whole time while she sat on the grass.  Even if you pushed it down she would raise it back up.  What a character!

So, as the weeks pass I've been noticing that Kiley is a lot more talkative and has been expanding her baby vocabulary! Words we can say; Dada, Baba, Rara, and A Dah. Words we can't say; MAMA.

I've come to the conclusion that she doesn't know that my name is mama.  To make myself feel better I've been thinking that she believes that I'm dada and that's why she says it all the time.  Even if it isn't true, it does make me feel better! So the last word that she can say, A Dah, to Kiley this means dog.  Every morning when Zoe (my puppy) and I come into Kiley's room she points at Zoe and says, "A Dah."  When we go to Nanna's house and Sonni is there she says the same thing.  So, A Dah has got to mean dog to Miss Kiley.  Another thing we are doing new is pointing.  It is so cute and definitely helps me understand what she is talking about.  For instance, Kiley has a life size stuffed tiger in her room named Tony the Tiger.  Every morning I ask her, "Kiley, where is Tony?"  My little smarty pants points at the tiger and shrieks with excitement! She is starting to know everyone's names such as who Zoe and Sonni are, Nanna, Pops, and Dada, but when it comes to someone asking Kiley where Mama is? Yeah, no response! Oh well, hopefully it will come, but this only justifies my reasoning that she knows me as Dada too!

Friday, Kiley and I goofed off in Austin in the morning.  We did a little shopping and went to one of the parks and then ate lunch.  I really enjoyed our Mommy, daughter time together!  She is really laid back and loves to go places as much as Mommy does.  She makes it so easy to have fun and just enjoy the time I have with her while she is a baby.  Every day holds something special and another wonderful memory I have of my little girl.  At lunch that day she was so ticklish.  I couldn't help myself, I had to keep tickling her! I love hearing her laugh and that day she was laughing so hard she couldn't catch her breath! Just thinking about it makes me smile - she is such a love bug!

Last Sunday we spent time at the lake.  The first picture is the one I took right out of the dock.  The next picture was about 5 minutes later.  Lets just say the boat does wonders for naps!

I've been working on Kiley's upcoming party for a while now and it is fast approaching...hoping to get some more done this week but, until I write again, Gig em' & God Bless!

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