Monday, March 21, 2011

No More Daycare...

If it was up to me I wouldn't take Kiley to daycare anymore.  Don't get me wrong, having a place to take Kiley to is great, and the care givers are awesome, but I don't want to take her because she is so much fun to be around.  I know it's good for her to be around other little babies, but she is at such a fun age right now! Everyday is an adventure with her that just flies by.  Her personality is shining through more and more and she is such a goof ball!

Last Monday we went to my LASIK consultation in Houston (I've decided to get my vision corrected).  Kiley was great.  The ride seemed considerably long, but Kiley slept all the way there and all the way home.  By the time we got home it was 3:00 and that girl was none stop playing for 5 hours.  Yes, I said 5 hours! She had so much energy to get out of her system and she just couldn't wait to crawl around and play with everything and everyone.  At 10 months old, Kiley really isn't interested in toys, she would rather explore.  And boy did we do some exploring Monday! Her favorite thing had to be that the puppies were there to play with her too.  She is hilarious, everytime she sees a puppy she shrieks with excitement!

Tuesday we were able to go to Lockhart to go see Kiley's GiGi or my Grandma.  We visited with Grandma for the afternoon and really enjoyed sitting outside and watching Kiley crawl around and get dirty.  Somedays Kiley is a princess and whines if her hands are dirty and other days, like Tuesday, we are a tomboy looking around for dirt to dig into!

Playing in the garage.  Notice how I took the WHITE pants off so she could get dirty!

Time for another BaBa!

We learned how to use our two bottom teeth to bite into a cookie! She loved them and kept taking really big bites!

Friday was a really hot day.  Because it was spring break weekend Alex (my cousin) played softball at noon against LaGrange.  Getting Kiley dressed for the game reminded me of how tiny she was the last time we went to a high school softball game.  At that time she was only 2 weeks old and newborn sizes would swallow her.  Now as I was getting her dressed in her 9 month sized clothing, I was trying to stay calm because she never wants to stay in one place and thinks she needs to crawl somewhere! Totally different situation and now that she's older it seems like she needs more for a game! I don't want her to get hot, she needs to stay protected, so we needed a hat, I wanted a chair for her so I wouldn't hold her the whole time because she is beginning to hate that! and I had to make sure she had food, snacks, juice, and milk.  The funny thing is we were just in town for the game so it's not like we were far from home.  But, I always insist on being prepared! So, instead I always go overboard and end up being over prepared! Kiley had a blast though and got to see her Nana and Papa again (they came down to watch the game). 

We are learning to clap, but Kiley's clap is special or another good word for it is proper. When everyone cheers she clasps her hands together (her clap) or throws her arms up in the air! I just love watching her do this! It is so darn cute and you can pretty much predict that she will do it everytime you say "yea!" or "go Kiley!".

Saturday we spent the day driving to Waco to watch Trey (my cousin) pitch against Baylor.  Kiley sported her Texas Tech onesie or jumpsuit as Trey likes to call it.  She was a great cheerleader, constantly dancing and singing with the music and again throwing those arms up in the air or doing her special clap! Before we could even get back on the road again she was asleep, my guess is exhausted from all the fun and excitement!

This is the romper she had on before we left for the game.  She changed into her Texas Tech uniform before the game.

The weekend closed for us with a visit to Lake LBJ.  We had a fun and relaxing time and couldn't be more impatient for the summer to come so we can jump in and get our feet wet! Although a pretty windy Sunday, Kiley didn't mind the boat ride, it was her excuse for a nap...can't blame her, she had to rest up to go exploring again!

This week is going to be another hectic one! Until Sunday though, Gig em' & God Bless!

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