Sunday, March 13, 2011

10 Loves

This week consisted of doctor appointments, work, and shopping! Don't worry the doctor appointments were not Kiley's.  She is a healthy growing baby! On Tuesday, Kiley had her 10 month birthday! For her birthday I wanted to write 10 reasons why we love our little baby.

10 Reasons We Love Our Kiley:

1.  Her beautiful Smile.  Morning, noon or night our little baby is always flashing us her beautiful smile.
2.  Her cute Giggle.  Whether she's silently giggling at herself or laughing out loud because she is so darn ticklish our Kiley loves to laugh and we love to hear it!
3.  Her cute dancie and singing.  Anytime we hear music that's Kiley's cue to sing and dance, especially in church.  She sings as loud as she can so Jesus can hear her and that puts a smile to our faces.
4.  Her loving kisses.  One thing about it Kiley is very loving and gives the best kisses!
5.  She won't say Mama.  When we say Mama, Kiley says Dada.  I'm blaming it on her stubborness, but either way you can always predict that she is going to say Dada as loud as she can when we say Mama.

Here's an example of her doing just that!

6.  Her loving and adorable UGGS (hugs).  Gentle and long, they are the best hugs we have ever gotten!
7.  Waving bye-bye.  Before she leaves a room she stops and waves bye-bye.  She thinks about leaving, but we know she won't crawl away because we can't leave her sight. 
8.  Her shrieks of excitement.  Whether it's seeing Zoe (our puppy) in the morning or when Mama gets out the cheerio box for breakfast, Kiley gets so excited about the smallest things and it makes you realize that just about anything can make this little girl happy!
9.  No tickling allowed.  When the tickle monster tries to get Kiley she tries so hard to push the monster away, but the monster always wins and then her beautiful laughter comes alive!
10.  She is our daughter! I couldn't imagine what life would be like without her in it! She makes us family and we just love her so much!

This is definitely Kiley - always with that tongue out!
Mama's ultimate favorite photo! Those beautiful blue eyes sparkling and those 2 teeth! Such a cutie!

Wednesday,  my very good friend from HEB came down to see us.  We hadn't seen him in over a year so, this was the first time for him and Kiley to meet.  It was great catching up with him and I was relieved that he got to meet Kiley before she turned 1. We thought it wouldn't happen! Later that night, Jason and Nanna were outside at Nanna's house planting plants that we got from the nursery that day.  Kiley and I decided to go inside and make supper.  Now this task is always a tough one! Kiley feels that it is necessary that she be entertained by Mama at all times and if not I better be feeding her something or holding her.  We are just a little spoiled! So, I decided that while I was making spaghetti that Kiley could snack on cheerios.  I put her in her bumbo chair and put a handful of cheerios on her tray.  Next thing I know she is putting as many cheerios as she can in her mouth! We don't understand what one at a time means yet! Such a piggy! Once we were done with that handful she started screaming for more (we are also needy). Got to love her! Once we ate our own supper I lifted her out of her chair and sure enough there were a ton of cheerios sticking on her diaper and cheerio impressions on her chubby little thighs! Poor baby, but yet so funny!!

Saturday, Bethany came over and we took Kiley our to a grassy field to take pictures for her one year birthday party invitations.  Mama should be excited about this one, but trust me I'm not! I just want my little baby to stay a little baby! Kiley did great and now I'm just waiting on Beth to edit the pictures so I can see them all.  I know they will be awesome! By the way the party is Saturday, April 30 so mark your calendars!

We're hoping to get to the lake this upcoming week..hopefully it will work out, but until then thanks for reading and Gig em' & God Bless!

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