Saturday, May 21, 2011

A 2 for 1 Holiday!

For us May 8 was a 2 for 1 holiday.  Not only was it my 2nd Mother's Day (Kiley was born the day before Mother's Day last year), but it was also our beautiful baby girl's 1st Birthday! For the special occasion we had both of my grandparents and my parents coming to the house for lunch and visiting.  We decided that we were going to remember this special day by video recording us waking her up.  The minute we come into the room she pops up from laying down and stands by the crib railing.  Jason and I tell her "Happy Birthday" and she gives us the biggest smile that I have probably ever seen.  I'm pretty sure she somehow knew that it was a special day! She started clapping for herself and was so excited.  It was the cutest response we could have asked for!

The rest of the morning was spent getting ready for company and putting Kiley's special birthday outfit on.  I had a cake ready for her that I made the previous day and knew I wanted to take a ton of pictures and videos on this special day of hers. 

To make the day even more emotional, Kiley decides to take her first two steps on her own that day! Jason and I were in complete shock.  She didn't do it again that day of course, but we kept trying to see it again, and no I didn't get that on video!

After lunch she opened gifts, took a nap, and then it was cake time! She got her own angel food cake slice and loved all the attention.  Then I rounded everyone outside for pictures.  She had a blast and ended the day with our gift to her - a charm bracelet that we are hoping to add to on special occassions.

In her birthday outfit!

She wouldn't look at the camera - too distracted with all the attention!

My mom, and my grandmothers and us.

Playing peek-a-boo with Dada.

Opening up her present from us with Dada.

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