Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our little bathing beauty!

This past weekend while at the lake, Mom and I went to Marble Falls to go check out the shops downtown.  Little did we know that we would find THE cutest little bikini ever! I couldn't contain myself and took a ton of shots with her in her new little outfit! Such a bathing beauty!

One of Kiley's new accomplishments that she has learned this past week from watching Baby Einstein, Peek-A-Boo.  We don't put our hands over our eyes, but on the side of the face - close enough for Mommy and baby!

Playing peek-a-boo with Nanna and still hanging out in her bathing suit!

Everytime a boat or jet ski would ride past the house she would wave or blow kisses like she is doing here.  I think I am mostly in love with this swimming suit because of the way it shows off her adorable baby belly! You don't even know that her belly is that round under her's so cute though!

So, if you haven't noticed yet you will notice it here in this picture - Kiley fell numerous times this past weekend and she fell on her face everytime! For some reason she was so off balance and looked as if she was baby drunk all weekend! The first day she fell while trying to walk out on the patio and got a scab on her chin in return.  The next day she fell while walking around on the patio again.  She lost her balance and her face landed on the patio furniture base hitting her forehead, her lip, and having a slightly bloody nose.  So, by the time we got home it looked as if we abused our child.  Good thing that now we have our more stable baby back.

Later one evening, we went out on the water while it was calm and Jason and I gave water skiing a shot, again.  Kiley is beginning to really love and enjoy the boat rides now.  She loves seeing us out on the water and is constantly telling us hi! After several tries and trying to not get frustrated we both were able to get up and water ski for a little bit.  An awesome accomplishment and it was a great feeling to even see Kiley get excited for us!

Father's Day seems to be sneaking up on us quickly...this will be Daddy's 2nd Father's Day with his baby girl, but until then God Bless & Gig 'em!

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