Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dance Baby Dance!

This past week with Kiley went awesome! She is such a blast to be with.  Most of the time we are happy (we all have our bad days and sometimes it's just bad hours).  Everything that is said or done is so funny to Kiley and we love to babble...Mama is trying to get Kiley to say Mama now, but our litte one is stubborn.  So, her new game is when Mama says, "mama" Kiley says, "dada".  She thinks it's funny and I think it is just predictable! It is amazing though to hear our babies voice.  This may sound odd, but I think it fits her...

On Saturday, we went to Conroe to go pick up the new boat for the lake.  Before we took the new addition home, we were able to test it out on Lake Conroe.  We were pretty excited because this was going to be Kiley's first ride on a boat! I was pretty anxious to see how she would do.  Turns out that we all loved it! Kiley slept for most of the ride and well we were happy because she did sleep! It was a win-win situation!

Earlier this week, Nanna was keeping Kiley and ended up teaching her how to "Dancy."  She looks so cute doing it and it is our new favorite thing! Her's a video of her dancing at the restaurant Saturday night. Dance Baby Dance!

Today, Sunday, we went to my Nana and Papa's (my mom's parents).  We spent the day there and Kiley played for hours and hours.  We had such fun and she loved that she got to crawl wherever she wanted too! We are becoming so independent.  It's sad, but we knew it would happen soon!

Picture time before we left for church!

Ready to explore...Thanks for visiting and until next week Gig em' & God Bless!

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