Sunday, February 6, 2011

Always Happy!

This past week brought many firsts for Kiley.  She had her first snow day, we can pull ourselves up now to stand, and we are eating finger snacks!

Snow day was pretty uneventful for us.  I bundled Kiley up in millions of layers and kept her out of the weather for the most part.  We have had the sniffles and I didn't want to make it worse than it had to be!

We have added some new foods to our diet and Kiley loves them! - Goldfish, Cheerios, and these baby peach dissolve things (not sure what they are called, but I tried them and they are pretty tasty!).  I decided that I need to stop being so protective with her and let her try some finger snacks.  I was scared that she was going to choke on one of them, but it turns out Kiley already had it all figured out and knew to chew (with her front two bottom teeth - funny to watch by the way)!  Our favorite is the Goldfish - it could also be her favorite because I pigged out on these while I was pregnant with her.  Instead of saltine crackers, I had Goldfish handy! Concidence? I don't think so!  After our quick walk today (had to cut it short due to the crazy wind) we sat outside out of the wind and had some snacks and played! Kiley quickly decided that one goldfish at a time, just wasn't enough!

3 at a time! Don't worry we pulled them out of her mouth!

Going back for more...

That one is mine too Dada! We haven't learned to share yet!!

On February 3, in the morning I gave Kiley a bath and that's when she decides to stand up in the tub with some help of the side of course! Exciting, but kind of scary, because she is soooo slippery when she is wet.  We decided once that happened to cut the bath short that day.  Later that night she did it again, but this time for Dada, Nanna, Pops, and the video camera (YEA)! So, this is our new accomplishment.  Now, we only have one problem.  Getting down.  We are very cautious when we try to sit back down so, if Kiley can't get down without hurting herself she justs stands there holding onto the table and cries until someone comes and sits her back down on the floor. You got to love her!

I didn't get a picture of her standing, but here are some pictures from that day:

Her puppy dog toy was tickling her!


A new game...crawl to Mama and Dada will pull you back where you started! She thought this was sooo funny!

Next week brings a doctor appointment for Kiley and more picture time for Kiley.  She's going to be 9 months this week! But unitl then, Gig em' and God Bless!

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