Monday, January 17, 2011

And She's Off...

You may not be able to view the video due to your settings/capabilities on your computer.  The video is of Kiley crawling around our living room and then waving.

This is the B-I-G story for this week! We are now waving HI and crawling around like it's nobody's business! Just when Mama and Dada thought we were getting this baby thing down our little one decides to become mobile...I never thought it would make things SO challenging.  Just a simple task of taking a bath requires 4 hands! She tries to stand on her knees, or crawl out of her bath, or suck on the wash cloth that we are trying to clean her with! Then when you think you have things under control, because she is finally done with her bath she starts trying to crawl when I'm trying to put her PJ's on!! Oh goodness...what a little diva we have. 

We are also beginning to talk a lot more now.  Kiley calls everyone and everything Dada.  Mama is not so happy about this accomplishment.  Kiley isn't it Mama that gets you up in the mornings and spends ALL day with you? Yes, I know Dada is working and it's easier to say Dada, but couldn't you have just given me a little satisfaction by saying Mama first? Oh well, at least Dada wasn't your very first word...uh oh was! Don't worry I still love you with all my heart and Daddy too!

For weeks we practiced with Kiley on waving Bye-Bye or Hi.  Everytime we leave the room we would wave hoping she would get a hang of it.  Thursday just happened to be the day when our little one decided that she was going to shock us all and wave back! Nanna and I were waving at her and Daddy while I was trying to take a picture (which didn't turn out) when our little baby girl waved! I looked at Nanna and said "Did you see that?" She replies, "Yes, sure did! She's waving!" We couldn't believe our we are doing this all the time! It's Kiley's new accomplishment that she loves to do.  For example, today I was showing her pictures of herself...what does she do in response? Shreak with delight and wave! She did the same thing when I showed her the video you just watched.  She heard us saying Hi on the video and saw herself waving so naturally, she starts waving back! Such a cutie...

Kiley helping her Mama with the clothes..hangers make great teething toys too! 

This past week went great, looking forward to what Kiley will have in store for us this week, but until then, God Bless & Gig' Em!!

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  1. She's so cute! Can't believe she's crawling goodness time flies. Mommo always said whatever name they said first would be the sex of the next child. I said Mama, Mel said Dada...Stephanie said No. :) She's such a doll. Congrats to Kiley on her newest skill!