Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter & Much More!

We have been terribly busy lately! Easter was lots of fun this year.  Kiley loved picking up and "hunting" eggs.  Especially since she is little Miss Picker Upper! She loves to clean and make sure everything is where it is suppose to be.  So picking up eggs and putting them in the basket was exactly the kind of thing Kiley loves to do! She had lots of practice too, 3 hunts in fact.

I absolutely love this picture! My favorite from all her Easter hunts!

The following weekend we went to the lake. She was so excited about seeing the WaWa and going on the boat! She was born for the lake! Did I mention that she is absolutely the best girl at the lake house? She minds so much better up there. 

Playing with her new carriage and baby Wendy.  She loves to play babies.

She was so excited to go riding on the boat.  At first she had to get accustomed to it again because the last time she was on a boat it was October or so.  But once we got use to it again she was walking around and directing Pops on where to go! She loved it when we turned around and the wind was blowing in her face! This picture shows exactly what she was doing the whole time we were riding around!

Oh, I forgot to mention that she also turned 23 months old on Easter.  Great....it makes Mommy depressed to think that her little baby girl is going to be 2 soon! It's almost harder for me with her turning 2 than when she turned 1.  At 1 not much changed, but at 2 we have potty-training, a new bed, the terrible 2's...the list is never ending! Right now, I'm just trying to come with terms that she doesn't need to be in her crib anymore.  Not liking that idea one bit.  She doesn't try to climb out of it as of yet, but when she does we better be prepared! I still remember and picture her as a baby, but when she walks into the room screaming Mommy! I know that she my little girl now, a growing and beautiful toddler! Love her to pieces, but wish  I could just keep her small!

Unitl next time, Gig'em & God Bless!

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