Monday, March 19, 2012

My Baby is Growing Up

Last week unfortunately, Kiley turned 22 Months old...where has the time gone? She is quickly growing up and everyday is a new accomplishment for her.  It's exciting to hear all the new things she knows but not so exciting to see my baby turn into a toddler right before my eyes. 

I want this post to be about Kiley's many accomplishments just in the past two weeks and also some of the funny things she says.  She is definitely silly and is constantly running around! Busy, Busy, Busy!

1.  First thing she has started doing is calling Sonni (Nanna's and Pops' dog), Staci.  I don't know where she picked this up from, but now whenever we go to Nanna's she looks at me and holds her hands up and says, "Where's Taci?" or she looks at Sonni and says "Taaaacccciiii!!" We haven't yet mastered our S's so for now Sonni is Taci.  I try to correct her, but she has got it in her mind that Sonni's name is Staci and as far as Sonni responding to her? Ummm no.  He just looks confused!
2.  One thing we have been doing for a while now, but I keep forgetting to mention it is yelling Mommy repeatedly.  I don't know if you have ever seen the commercial from Family Guy where the little son is standing in front of his mom and says, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, etc" until the mom finally answers, "WHAT?!?" and then he responds "Hi".  Well that is exactly what it is like.  The sad thing is that I try to egg it on and really find it funny when she does it.  So instead of saying what I just respond by saying Kiley which makes her just yell Mommy even louder! Gotta love her.
3.  Another crazy and kind of scary thing is that she is becoming just like me! Yikes! Tonight for example, after her bath she got her towel and I told her it was yucky and dirty and had to go in the dirty basket, she followed me and put it neatly in the basket which is in her closet.  When she looked up at her toys in the closet she noticed that her baby was in the shopping cart.  So, she took Daisy out of the shopping cart and told her that she belonged in the stroller, which is where I always keeps Daisy when she isn't playing with her.  Next thing she did was straighten out her baby doll wagon because it wasn't sitting on the shelf right and then she picked up her vacuum and straightened it in its place on the floor.  This is great because she is cleaning up after herself, but bad too because it is a little on the OCD side, like Mommy is! : )  Daddy is in trouble if he has two of us to contend with!
4.  On March 12, Nanna and I picked Kiley up from daycare.  Before this day she kept singing a song over and over everyday, but I couldn't understand what she was saying.  I knew it had to be something she had learned at daycare, but I couldn't pick up on what words or the tune she was trying to sing.  Well on March 12, I finally heard it! It was the ABC song.  She was singing to herself when I heard her say H-I-J, O-R-T, Now I Know My A-B-C! I couldn't be a prouder Mommy on that day!  Everyday she sings that song and now that I know what she is saying we can sing it together.  I can sing A-B-C-D-E-F-G and she knows to say H-I-J! Now she is my daughter, but I still think that means she is a smart cookie!
5.  On a previous post I wrote that now she was telling us that she loves us.  We would tell her Love You Kiley and she would respond, "Love You."  Well this past two weeks her response has changed.  It is now, "I Love."  It's sooo cute how she says it and it is definitely something I need to catch on video before it changes.  No matter how she says it, it still melts my heart to hear her say it!
6.  Another hilarious story is that when she hides she says BOO! but the funny part is what she says after that.  I was hiding from her I kept saying, "Boo! I See You!"  Well, she thought she would hide and when she did she popped out saying, "Boo, I T.T.!" Lol It was hilarious!
7.  I asked her today while we were eating if she had a good day at daycare, her response was "Yes." I said well that's good, did you learn anything new today baby? Her response was "NO NO NO."  Ummm, I doubt that seriously baby.
8.  Showing her independence we are now trying to do everything on our own.  Put our shoes on, put our pj pants on, the list goes on! The other night I was trying to put her pj pants on and she told me, "NO, I try!"  And wouldn't you know she got one foot partially in which I thought was pretty good! Did I mention that I have gotten alot of patience from having a child? Especially with one as independent as Kiley is!
9.  And our biggest accomplishment has got to be that we finally T.T.ed in the potty! She told me tonight that she had to t.t. and before her bath she sat herself down and the potty and did her business! I was sooo excited and proud of her! This was her first time to ever do that! Hopefully it's all progress from here!

I know that was some winded accomplishments, but if you can't tell already Mommy and Daddy are pretty proud of our little girl! Love her to death!

Our routine in the mornings, mainly weekends.  Eat cereal, watch Nick Jr., and sit in our rocking chair!

Taking her own picture with my phone.  I swear she is better at using the phone than me!

Going shopping for some plants! She loved riding in this thing!

Finally got her to wear her cowboy boots! Ignore the hair in the face, I didn't have time to do her hair yet that morning.

Posing for a picture! Such a cutie pie!

Until next time, Gig'em & God Bless!!

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