Saturday, March 3, 2012

Potty Time!

Tickle monster got Kiley!

Well last time I took Kiley bear to the doctor he gave me the go ahead to let Kiley start trying potty training! I'm excited about it, but am not pushing the issue.  I also found out that Kiley weighs 27 pounds, and is 32 1/2" long.  She is tiny and petite! Every morning we go and sit on the potty with our diaper on and before our bath at night she sits on there without her diaper and repeatedly says, "I t.t.!" Mommy looks, but we haven't quite t.t. in the potty yet.  It will happen sooner or later.  She's not 2 years old yet, but since she was 18 months old she always tells me when she has gone to the bathroom.  No matter what she has done she squats down and grabs her diaper and proclaims "Ewww Weee", "I t.t!" By doing this everybody that happens to be around us knows now, including strangers! You can't help but smile though.   Well now she does that but she also runs for a diaper right away.  She can't stand to be in a wet, I think she is ready, but like I said before, I don't want to push it she will let us know when she is ready to use her potty.

Once we got the O.K. from the doctor, Dada, Mommy, and Kiley went to Wal-Mart to go get a potty and one to take on the go.  She was so excited! We got a little pink princess potty and an elmo seat to put on top of the toilet when we are on the go.  She wanted to carry the elmo seat and kept saying, "I t.t. and Momo (which is elmo)!" all throughout Wal-Mart. 

Now that we have the potty she loves sitting on it and even knows that she needs toilet paper LOL but not only does she sit on the potty now so does Suzy (her dolly).  This morning I was getting ready and when I looked at the potty she had placed Suzy in there and was sitting there watching her trying to make sure that she went potty! Meanwhile, her other Suzy doll was taking a bath with bath toys and all! Saying that reminds of the other night.  Kiley had just gotten out of the bathtub and I was drying her off.  I went to put lotion on her and she looked at me, put out her hand, and said "Ketchup!" I said no honey, that's lotion.  She said "otion!" So I put some in her hand.  But the next word out of her mouth again was "More, ketchup!" Everything she does is so cute and silly! Mommy loves her so much!

On Friday,  Kiley and I went to Caldwell to go have a playdate with Wednesday and the boys, Krush and Kyson.  We met at their park, which is a great place by the way and then headed over to McDonald's to eat and play some more!  They had so much fun! Kiley is very cautious when she walks and is always careful about trying not to fall so, Kyson was helping her down and up the steps by holding her hands.  I thought that was so sweet and cute.  She loves her little boyfriends.  When it was time to go Kiley hugged the boys and waved and shouted "Bye!" several times.  Once we were on our way home she looked so tired, more like in a daze and once we got home she couldn't wait to get in her crib and take a nap!

Staring into eachother's eyes LOL They are in love.

Smiling at Krush after he went down the slide.  Her turn!

The weekend before Braycen Mersiovsky had a 2nd birthday party.  It was John Deere themed and they had an inflatable jumpy thing, I always forget what they are called.  I wasn't sure how Kiley would react to it because she has never done anything like that before, but once she got used to her surrondings she got in there and had the time of her life! She cried when we left she was having so much fun!

Jump, Jump Jump!

Hey Mommy!

One of the sweetest things Kiley is doing now is telling us that she loves us.  I love to hear her say it! At night before she goes to bed we do hugs, kisses, and say I love you.  When she hugs you she pats your back so sweetly and then gives you a big open mouth kiss and lastly "Wuv wuuu!" It's so sweet and it fills my heart hearing her say that!

Playing Peek-A-Boo with Mommy

Although sometimes she can be a handful and just as stubborn as her Dada her coming into our lives almost 2 years ago has been a blessing! I love being a Mommy, but more importantly I love being Kiley's Mommy.  I can imagine my life without her.  She is a beautiful, sweet, happy and loving daughter and we were truly blessed with a wonderful daughter!

Until next time, Gig'em & God Bless!

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