Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gobble Gobble

For Turkey Day we went to my Nana and Papa's.  Kiley loved it there because of course she was center of attention.  What 18 month old doesn't love that? She also loves to eat-pretty much all the time which is exactly what she did that day.  She ate all kinds of cookies and dessert rolls and then had lunch and went back for more dessert! She even took a nap for us while we were there! We enjoyed being able to see the family and I was relieved that it went so well for Kiley and that she had a good day!

We took these pictures outside, where Kiley loves to be and she is wearing one of the dresses that I sewed for her! I finally finished all three and am happy to say that they all turned out great! I was pretty pleased and plan on making more for her. 

The next day we went to College Station.  No, not to go shopping, believe it or not, but to take Christmas card photos.  Last year, we went to Texas A&M and took photos for the cards and decided that we were going to make it a tradition.  So, back we went on Friday and Kiley did a great job! It was a lot easier last year getting the photos we wanted because she wasn't mobile, but I still got some great shots for the cards.  I didn't want to include too many photos so you would still have a surprise for when the cards arrived in your mailbox! Can't believe how close Christmas is getting! I'm so excited for Kiley this year - I know she is going to have so much fun opening gifts this year! And since she has been a good girl this year, I think Santa will be rewarding her with a ton of gifts!

Future Aggie - Class of 2032! Whoop!

This is another one of the dresses I sewed.  I sewed it Thanksgiving night so it would be ready for pictures!

Thanks for visiting! Gig'em and God Bless!

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