Friday, September 16, 2011

Sand Everywhere!

When we got back from Maui in May, Jason promised Kiley that he would make her a sandbox to play in in our backyard. 

She loved to play in the sand on the beach so, he wanted to recreate that for her here.  Little did we know that this project was going to turn into a 4 month ordeal...Well, I am happy to say that it is now officially complete and Kiley has played in it and absolutely loves it!

Putting sand in her plastic cup.  We have sand toys, but they are at the lake! Nanna is bringing them home for us this weekend though.

I love this picture, because this is just what Kiley does! She loves to play outside and loves the sand, but absolutely hates to have stuff on the bottom of her feet and her hands.

When I first placed her in her sandbox she wasn't so sure what to think of it, but once she got comfortable I couldn't get her out! She was throwing sand everywhere and had it in every little baby fat crease she has and all in her hair.  I'm thinking the sandbox is a definite hit for Kiley.  She played in there for an hour or so and then Mama decided it was time to go in and clean up. 

On another note, I have finally decided on a halloween costume! I had originally picked out a poodle skirt outfit for Kiley and even ordered it.  But, when it came to the house I was pretty disappointed in the quality of the costume and ended up returning it.  Trying to find something else has been kind of difficult.  Although Kiley is 16 months, she is still wearing clothes in the 9 to 12 month range. I know she is petite!  Most of the really cute costumes are for older girls or they are going to be too hot for this Texas weather! So, after searching for a while I finally found the cutest costume. It's different and Kiley will look as cute as a button.  So, what is she going to be? A Hippie Baby! lol can't wait to get it ordered and see the costume on her!

I was moving pictures over to a USB and came across some photos of Kiley close to when she was 2 weeks to a month old.  Thought I would put a couple up.  The changes are just mind boggling! She's still the same sweet, loving, bubbly personality, but just more of a toddler now than a baby.  To Jason and I though, she will always be our little baby girl.

She feel asleep here after her first bath at home.  She was only 3 days old.  She looks like a little baby doll.

I'll be posting again this weekend, but until then, Gig'em & God Bless!

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