Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Lil' Copycat

Everyday Kiley does something new.  She either says something hilarious or does something so cute! She is always putting a smile on our faces! If we do something then she thinks she has to do it too.  She thinks she's a big girl and can do everything like Momma.  Oh, and did I mention that it is always her way or the highway or more like her way or have a tantrum.  Good thing Mommy isn't too affected by these tantrums - I've learned that if we are at home it's just best to walk away! She gets it out of her system and comes to find me to give me an apology, which is always a hug and kiss.  Gotta love her! She has always been Miss Independent!

Playing with Suzy and on her horsey!

We went to Steiner Ranch Steakhouse for my Dad's birthday.  Kiley had so much fun and ate a ton!

I wanted to write about some of the cute and funny things she has been doing lately. 

For instance, every night either Mommy or Daddy read a couple of books to Kiley before she goes to bed.  I think I have mentioned a couple of times before that our little one is a book nerd. : ) That night it was Mommy's turn to read with Kiley and she picked out a book about the Christmas Angel.  Anyways, in the book it has pictures of Mary, Joseph and Jesus with animals.  There was one particular animal that Kiley pointed out - it was a donkey.  Along with pointing at it she said, "Dada!"  I couldn't stop laughing and agreed with her, "yes, Dada is the donkey." I turn the page and there is the donkey again and she of course said "Dada!" That is the best book yet! Oh, and honey I love you so much! No hard feelings I hope...  : )

Like I've said before, everything we do Kiley tries to copy.  Now, when she's full she says "Done!" and pats her belly showing us how big her belly is! She continually mocks Mommy when talking to Zoe.  I am always telling Zoe to stop or hollering her name.  If I start yelling for Zoe Kiley chimes in and starts hollering for her too.  "Zo Zo!! and Stop!"

Speaking of dogs, lately Kiley has been calling Sonni, Zoe.  Today we went to Nanna's and when she saw Sonni she said, "ZO ZO!" I said, "No baby that's Sonni.  Can you say Sonni?"  So, she of course says, "Sonni!"  A couple of minutes later though we are back to calling Sonni, Zoe.  Poor little doggie, if he could be anything it would definitely not be to be Zoe.

Kiley has always loved dancing and the other night while we were at Nanna and Pops' house we started singing, If Your Happy and You Know It for the first time.  Man did she love that! She started stomping her feet and clapping her hands.  Screaming HOORAY! at the top of her lungs and screaming YEA! when we were done with the song. We had to sing it about 5 times in a row if that is any indication of how much she loved it!

Another really cute thing that I'm sure she picked up at daycare is that she insists we pray before we eat.  She crosses her hands and says "AAAAmen!" By the way, speaking of daycare, she is absolutely loving it there now.  Can't wait to get there and EAT!, that's how I get her in the car.  I tell her she's got to go to daycare and eat.  She loves food so, she is always willing to leave to go eat. They color and learn so many new things - She is constantly singing A,B (no C yet) and she says 1,2,3! before she jumps or if I say, "are you ready?" She starts counting, 1, 2,3!  Then when I come pick her up I've got to come up with something creative to intice her to leave! I'm just glad she's loving it!

Kiley praying before she eats and I got her saying "AAAAmen!" in this photo.

Since Dada had a birthday last month he is no longer 1..he is now 2! Everybody else is still 1, but if you ask Kiley how old Dada is she says, "2!" and holds up both pointer fingers to her face.  I'm smiling just thinking about it.  She can't hold up two fingers on one hand so she out smarted me and held up both pointer fingers.  I thought that was pretty smart!

I got this picture right before she told me Bye, Bye! and shut the closet door on me! Did I say she was independent with an attitude?

Some small little random stories this week, but things I wanted to be sure to remember and be able to tell y'all about.  Until next time, Gig'em & God Bless!

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